15 Park Avenue Movie NEW! Download 720p Kickass

15 Park Avenue Movie NEW! Download 720p Kickass


15 Park Avenue Movie Download 720p Kickass

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a rapidly growing, nonviolent group of environmental and animal rights activists has vowed to protest in washington, dc, next month to demand a halt to the controversial keystone xl pipeline. the national group rise for sight announced monday that it will carry out the fast in front of the white house on march 7 with the slogan “join the fight!” rise for sight is made up of a network of allies — many of whom are formerly incarcerated — who have established a sanctuary in the oregon state capitol of salem to serve as a home to animals rescued from slaughterhouses and puppy mills. “we see this fast for what it is, a demand for life, and a demand for social justice,” rose steele, rise for sight’s national convener and a former oregon state prisoner, told the los angeles times. “we know that when we fast, we bring ourselves to the other and open ourselves up to see how we and the other can live together. that’s why the fast is so powerful. when we do the fast, we free those in prison from the politics of divide and conquer and those of capital and oppression.” the group’s goal is simple: get arrested and go to jail if necessary to bring awareness to the keystone xl pipeline, a plan to transport 800,000 barrels of tar sands oil daily from canada to the united states through the middle of the country. the 1,700-mile pipeline has been the subject of years of contention between the u.s. and the canadian governments. the debate over the project has reached the highest echelons of the u. political system, with president obama giving the go-ahead to the project in january after years of consideration. the decision is a blow to environmentalists who say the pipeline will release massive amounts of carbon into the atmosphere, and a win for energy interests who say keystone xl will supply the u. with more reliable energy supplies. a total of 18 states have taken legal action to stop the project. environmental groups have also balked at the pipeline’s implementation on economic grounds. “at a time of budget crisis and huge job losses in the u., when so many of our children lack food and fuel and are working long hours for little pay, you just can’t justify a project that would deliver another 800,000 barrels of oil a day to the u. right now, when there is so much that we don’t need,” activist ken ward told the los angeles times. “and really, who cares if you build an oil pipeline to canada if that oil can’t be used in the u.? why are we subsidizing the construction of this pipeline?” but the project’s future remains unclear. texas-based company transcanada has pledged to build the pipeline if the administration approves it. with the administration’s decision, though, the company’s only recourse may be to shut down the pipeline if it rejects its construction permits, sen. ted cruz, r-texas, said last month.

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