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Let’s face it: We’re all going to have a few bad relationships in our lifetime. Despite this, picking one up is a huge decision, and one that requires some self-reflection. You want to be sure that casual sex is the right way to go. So here’s a rough guide to see if it’s a solid choice for you. Casual sex is perceived as being the definition of bad sex Picking up a casual sex partner, especially if sex is not the point, can be liberating and engaging, but casual sex can also very easily transform into an uncomfortable situation. You want to be with someone because they make you feel good, not because they’ve got the perfect body for you. You want a relationship Finding casual sex is great, but as with other forms of dating, like finding a boyfriend, casual sex can leave you feeling unfulfilled and empty. It’s important to know that this is something that can happen and that it’s not necessarily down to you. Casual sex can be scary If you decide to have casual sex, you’re choosing something different than the other people in your life. That means that it’s not something you can do every single day and expect it to be comfortable and perfect. It means that this person who you want to have sex with is not just a person, they’re not a person that you care for. It means that they’re not a full part of your life. Casual sex can be addictive If you’ve always wanted to have casual sex, it can be hard to know where to start. You may be nervous about the risks, you may not know how to have great sex or what sex even is, and you may not be aware of what the appropriate expectations are. It’s easy to get into situations where casual sex becomes the only thing that you want. Only has sex with people to whom it makes them feel good. Hopefully one day you will meet a relationship type person and find a casual sex partner that makes you feel the way that you want to feel. Until that day arrives, casual sex is the best option. And if you feel that you are not having casual sex but you feel like that is where you should be… you should maybe reconsider who you want to have casual sex with. Casual sex can be great for you, but it is still just that, casual, casual. Casual sex, as defined by The New American Heritage Dictionary, is “a
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Many young adults agree that they’d like to have casual sex, but fear they’ll end up with HIV or an STI. While this is true, it seems that rates of such infections are currently low, especially in comparison to the US. Condoms are the best prevention method, and have been for years now. How to turn your casual sex life into something more Having casual sex as a part of your life can be fun, exciting and stress-free. However, there can be many ways to enhance the casual sex experience and turn it into something a bit more meaningful. Here are some tips for enhancing the casual sex experience. Tip 1: Casual Sex Before Marriage Women, who are planning to become pregnant, should not have casual sex for at least five months before marriage. Casual sex can increase your chance of getting pregnant and jeopardize your chance of getting pregnant naturally, this increases the chance of getting an ectopic pregnancy. This can endanger your life and also the life of the baby in your womb. Tip 2: Casual Sex During Pregnancy Women who are pregnant, should avoid having casual sex. The reason being is it increases your chances of getting chlamydia, gonorrhoea and syphilis. To avoid getting pregnant and to protect your baby’s health, you should avoid casual sex from the point of conception. Tip 3: Casual Sex After Childbirth Soon after you give birth, your body will naturally start to recover. However, if you have had casual sex, your healing may be slower than normal. Your body will need to cleanse your body and this could mean that you will need to have a period of time in order to recover. An STD such as herpes can be passed during casual sex and can last for a long time. Tip 4: Casual Sex If You are Pregnant Casual sex should never be used with if you are pregnant. There are many reasons why you should not engage in casual sex. It can increase your chance of getting pregnant and this can make your birth a lot more complicated, or even very dangerous if you are not prepared or not in a position to have a healthy delivery. Pregnant mothers should avoid having casual sex in order to make sure that their babies are healthy and that their pregnancy and delivery is a safe and healthy one. Tip 5: Casual Sex With a STI Having casual sex with someone who is infected with an STD is not okay. Casual sex can increase



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