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**Introducing the RGB Color Mixing System** Colors and tonal adjustments are made using a color system that has three components. These components are known as red, green, and blue (RGB).

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Shooting and editing in Elements is simple and involves just pressing a few buttons. Photoshop files are often massive. They may take up to 1 gigabyte for a single image. If you are planning to save it to your hard drive or online, it may be wise to compress the file to keep it from taking up the extra space. The interfaces of both Photoshop Elements and Photoshop are the same. They are generally like those of Word or Illustrator. The basic functions are similar as well. There are two images on your screen at once. Sometimes you will see the main image and the elements you have selected. At other times, you will see the elements only. It depends on what type of tool you are using. Image editing in Photoshop Elements is similar to the professional version. To learn the basics, we will cover the photo editing features in Photoshop Elements. There are seven major features of the Photoshop Elements photo editing program. Cropping Removing and cutting unwanted background Adjusting brightness and contrast Paint tools for adding clouds Enhancing red eye Correcting shape and orientation of objects Making cartoon All of these tools can be found in the crop tool. Click here to see how to use it. To open the crop tool, click the Crop tool from the toolbar. Or, go to the menu bar. Choose View/Crop. You can also click the Image/Crop button from the menu bar. The Crop tool allows you to place the selected image on the canvas. You can drag the corners of the crop rectangle to resize the selection, if needed. A green border appears around the image as you make changes. You can always click the arrow button in the corner of the border to reduce or enlarge the size of the selection. You can use the menu bar to select the Convert to Point tool. The Convert to Point tool allows you to select multiple points on the image. You can drag from point to point and the selection grows to fit the selected points. Once you have selected the points you want, you can press OK to combine the selected points. The crop square becomes a set of points. To deselect any of the points, press the left-mouse button and select the same point. The crop square disappears and the cropped image appears. You can click the OK button to accept the changes. The OK button 05a79cecff

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Remembering the Old Age Pension: The Impact of an Early Death on the Pension System Abstract One hundred and five years ago, on September 3, 1884, the Dominion Government and the four Provincial Governments of Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, and Manitoba passed the Act To Amend The Old Age Pension Act. The act began to phase out private pensions and replace them with a public pension. It was the first Act in Canada intended to protect the rights of older Canadians. It meant that by 1889, over one million men and women would receive pensionable earnings and upon reaching the age of 65, or whatever age was decided upon, would have their retirement pay and earnings guaranteed, regardless of the condition of the job market. This Act was also the first step in what Canadians would come to call Old Age Pensions. The first paid pension dates back to 1884, which began payments to those who were 65 and up. In 1914, Canada’s pension program began to become more of a reality and there was a formal program to provide pensions for those 65 and over. By the end of the Great Depression, more than three-quarters of a million Canadians were receiving a pension (Lau 2005: 62). An important feature of the Old Age Pension Act was the ability of those 65 years and older to work. It required the Government, the provinces and the employers to agree on the number of jobs. That would be the number of jobs a person would be able to take a risk taking. That would be the number of jobs they could take and the wage they could receive was set. If they received a job, then that wage was set. If not, then they still got the government pension, but it was smaller. By the late 1920s, there were concerns as to whether this was too risky. Should people really be on the edge of poverty, not eating well because they had a job, and having to risk their safety on the job. It was decided that people would need a living wage from their job. The government would then help them by giving them more to live on because they were without the means to buy other foods. One hundred years later, the program continues and the question that Canadians are asking is whether it is too risky to start the Old Age Pension. Due to the changing times and the changing economy, there are significant concerns about what would happen if the Old Age Pension system, once again, was phased out. However, the state also continues to need the services of those people

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Minimum Requirements: OS: Win XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or faster Memory: 2 GB RAM Graphics: DirectX 9.0 compatible video card with 1 GB RAM Hard Disk: 10 GB available space Recommended Requirements: Processor: Intel Core i5 or later Memory: 4 GB RAM Hard Disk:


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