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Acronyms used in AutoCAD: ARCHY: AutoCAD commands. AutoCAD CPD: AutoCAD commands that automatically call an external program. CAD: Computer-aided design. CAD-A: AutoCAD AutoDraft. CAD-D: AutoCAD Data Manager. CAD-Q: AutoCAD Quick Command. CC: Cross-reference. CE: Cross-entity. CNC: Computer numerical control. DC: Design Center. DWG: Drawing-file format used by AutoCAD. EDL: Entity definition language. EFD: Entity folder. EPF: Entity property list. GEOL: Global entity location. GP: Group properties. IFC: Interface file format. ISO: International Organization for Standardization. KP: Key property. LAM: Layer/view. MIRI: Multiple interface reference interface. NC: No crossing. OBJ: Object-oriented application. PDB: Property database. PSE: Property sheet editor. S-F: Sheet. SC: Sheet cell. SCA: Sheet cell appearance. SCN: Sheet cell number. SHE: Sheet. SIP: Sheet interface property. ST: Sheet tab. STC: Sheet tab cell. TE: Tile entity. TXT: Text file. VDB: View database. VPD: View property definition. VSI: View-sheet interface. VSI: View-sheet interface. XT: Extension language. XT: Extension language. Where is AutoCAD now? AutoCAD is now a CAD program used by architects and engineers to create conceptual and detailed drawings of buildings, mechanical systems, and other architectural and engineering projects. AutoCAD is available in many different configurations and, as a result, the desktop user can now purchase several different types of AutoCAD depending on the project they are working on and their skill level. These configurations include: AutoCAD LT, the entry-level version that is restricted to technical drafting and technical drawing creation; AutoCAD Standard, which has

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Technical documentation AutoCAD, as well as the more recent versions of AutoCAD LT, provide extensive documentation, including extensive reference manuals, and Technical Reference Guides that describe each object, feature, element, command, and algorithm. AutoCAD LT also includes extensive online help. For many years, the autohelp feature was also available on the legacy versions of AutoCAD. Products AutoCAD LT is a subset of AutoCAD. It is available as a standalone product. The target audience for the product is professionals such as architects, engineers, surveyors, and other civil, mechanical, electrical, and architecture professionals. AutoCAD LT is sold with a perpetual license. AutoCAD LT 2007, AutoCAD LT 2009, AutoCAD LT 2010, and AutoCAD LT 2013 are available for the Windows platform, and AutoCAD LT for macOS and AutoCAD LT for Linux are available for the Linux and macOS platforms. AutoCAD LT 2014 and AutoCAD LT 2015 are available for the Windows platform, and AutoCAD LT 2016 is available for the macOS platform. AutoCAD LT 2017 is available for the macOS platform. AutoCAD LT and AutoCAD are fully compatible with each other, and can import and export each other’s drawings. The legacy AutoCAD product can export drawings using AutoCAD LT’s import formats. Availability AutoCAD LT 2007 and AutoCAD LT 2009 are not currently available. Availability of the other product versions and platforms are as follows: Other editions and versions AutoCAD for Mac is a version of AutoCAD released in the early 1990s for Mac OS Classic. It was initially developed for graphic artists, and designed to facilitate the import of various vector graphics formats. With the release of AutoCAD 2000 and the introduction of the.dwg file format, AutoCAD for Mac was phased out, and AutoCAD Pro for Mac was introduced. AutoCAD LT 2012, AutoCAD LT for Windows, and AutoCAD LT for Linux have since been introduced to complement AutoCAD Pro for Mac and AutoCAD LT for macOS. AutoCAD LT is a subset of AutoCAD and is available as a standalone product. It is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux platforms. AutoCAD LT for Windows was released in 2016. Key product differences AutoCAD LT 2017 provides a single drawing 3813325f96

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Enter your Autodesk username and password. If you’re not sure how to do this, please see Autodesk Help for instructions. Click the Data menu and choose Export Data. Click Geometry and choose Export Data. Click Export for the AutoCAD format you want to export, such as DWG or DXF. Click Save and give the file a name. Open a program such as Word that supports the AutoCAD file format, and save the file. Open your Autodesk model and begin working with it. Troubleshooting What happens if Autodesk has not been installed on my computer? Autodesk is a software application that is not installed on your computer. You will need to download it directly from Autodesk’s Web site ( and install it on your computer. When I try to run the AutoCAD 2010 program, it says, “Autodesk Autocad can’t be run.” To prevent this error, you must click the Advanced button in the Program Compatibility View window (shown in Figure 23.2) and choose Run This Program as an Administrator. Figure 23.2 If you click Advanced and choose Run This Program as an Administrator, Autocad 2010 will run without error. Why does my modeling program ask me to run Autocad? You have an Autocad installation on your computer. You can determine the name of the installed version by opening the Control Panel, clicking Programs, and opening the Autodesk Autocad entry. If you do not see a list of Autocad’s names under Programs, then Autocad is not installed on your computer. I bought an AutoCAD 2010 license and I did not receive a license key. What do I do? You need to register your AutoCAD 2010 license in Autodesk Software Manager. The AutoCAD 2010 Autodesk License Program enables you to register a license for as many computers as you wish. For details, contact Autodesk at How do I register a license for AutoCAD 2010? To register a license, follow these steps: Open the Autodesk Web site and log on to Click on Software Manager in the upper-left corner of

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Markup Assist is part of AutoCAD 2018 as well as the new AutoCAD 2XXX product family. Using Markup Assist, you can import feedback from printed paper or PDFs and add changes to your drawings automatically, without additional drawing steps. New features of AutoCAD 2XXX: Export.DWG,.DWF,.DXF, and.SVG files in DXF, DWG, or DWF format to format-specific formats, directly from the 3D modeling or CAD tools. AutoCAD 2XXX allows you to export files in the DXF and DWG/DWF format from 3D modeling or CAD tools. The 3D design and modeling tools can export DXF and DWG/DWF files, and the DWF (3D) file format can be used to transfer your 3D models between CAD programs. As in AutoCAD 2018, the new 3D modeling tools and data-management tools provide access to existing drawings and part libraries. In addition to the new 3D modeling tools, AutoCAD 2XXX includes the following enhancements: AutoCAD Insight: Insight is a new feature in AutoCAD 2XXX, which includes data management tools and a 3D modeling application. These features can help you extract complex data from your existing parts, 3D models, and CAD drawings and import it into AutoCAD so you can more easily reuse your data. Insight features: Clean Workspace Cleaner: Work smarter to keep your drawings clean. AutoCAD has an improved Clean Workspace tool that helps you clean up your drawing and reduce the size of your drawing files. The Clean Workspace tool intelligently removes information and settings that are not part of the drawing. Dynamically named block properties: Block properties can now be assigned a name that will appear in the Property Manager when the object is selected. This allows you to view the properties of an object in the Property Manager or in a tool palette, and it makes it easier to manage objects with many properties. Dynamically named dimensions: Dynamically named dimensions give you the flexibility to add dimensions to your drawings with just a few clicks. Save the clipboard in.DWG: With Save the Clipboard you can quickly copy a block from your drawing to the Clipboard and then paste it anywhere you want. This makes it easier to copy and

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