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Starting with OS X Lion, the menu bar now allows automatic menu bar customization through System Preferences.

  Apple Menu -> System Preferences -> Mission Control -> View -> "Automatically Hide the Menu Bar" -> Menu Bar Options -> "Size and Order" -> "None"  
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The Appearance Preferences dialog can also be used to customize how your menu bar looks. To access this dialog, double-click the menu bar and make the required changes in the Appearance preferences window.

  System Preferences -> Appearance -> Menubar Style -> Classic  
Autodesk Rendering 2009 keygen xforce

The Growl notifications are the notification system found in Mac OS X’s Xserve and OS X Server. Growl is excellent for external communications, including email and instant messaging. To access the Growl notification system, open System Preferences (see above). Open Growl, click “Assign a Key Stroke to this Notification,” and then add the following keystroke to the Compose text box.

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