Bentley Mx Road V8i User Manual

Bentley Mx Road V8i User Manual

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Bentley Mx Road V8i User Manual

as you would expect from a revolution in data management and collaboration, ord’s user interface is unlike any other software package available. it has been designed to be easy-to-learn, yet comprehensive, versatile, and powerful.

* mx v8i + ord: a multi-license, low-cost solution for companies that want to leverage existing investments in inroads, mx, and powercivil to create a solution that meets the needs of their entire engineering and design staff.

we use bentley mxroad in our construction industry and i can say without a doubt it is one of the best programs in the industry. the 2d and 3d interfaces are easy to understand and the feature set for the price is outstanding. i have also found the program to be very stable and does not have the same problems as other programs i have used in the past. i would highly recommend bentley’s mxroad to anyone who is looking for a program that has great 2d and 3d capabilities and is very stable.

on the other hand, i would not use bentley’s 3d in any of our work. it is a very low resolution and it is a pain to view and edit. it also requires a lot of re-rendering when saving to different file formats. we use bentley’s 2d for our work and it is an easy program to learn. you can navigate the 2d interface just like in microsoft word or excel. it’s a great program.

what we need for our work is a 3d program that is also easy to use and navigate. when we use civil3d, we have to learn a new program and it is not as intuitive as the bentley 2d interface. it also seems that civil3d takes more time to render to 3d. if bentley would release a 3d program that was as easy to navigate as the 2d program, we would be using it in our work.



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