Best Site for download BRIC [Win/Mac]

Each torrent listed here is hosted on a secure server, so you don’t need to worry about identity theft and privacy leaks. Each torrent contains only the one file you need to download, and many also include a.ZIP or.RAR file that contains more files. If you don’t want to download additional files, the torrent will let you know. If you do want the additional files, just right-click the.ZIP or.RAR file to extract it into a folder of your choice.

Now, let’s get started. As a general rule, the freebies listed here only come in the form of demos, but they can be a great way to check out a program before you buy it. The selection and descriptions of these apps are created by the software’s respective developers, so they often include useful tips that can help you know whether a particular app will work well on your computer.

This free torrent is of Internet Explorer 10, including the beta for Windows 8.1 and the start menu, with all the available font styles and colors you can apply. You can even download the start menu replacement for TaskMaker, a much faster tool for managing your Windows desktop.

WinClone is another good site on which you can download cracked software. It is a direct gateway to all cracked software for Windows, Mac, and Linux. They have various categories of cracked software like; games, applications, wallpapers, and animation. Among all the categories, you can opt for anything you like the most. You can select your online method of payment (PayPal, Bitcoin, credit card, etc.) and download your crack. The site also provides softwares compatible with Microsoft Office.


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