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We generally avoid sites which claim to provide cracked or modified apps because the files downloaded are often not legitimate. Often, the files downloaded are simply the original app packaged differently, which are not valid and will not open. If you are downloading files off of a search engine, you can try searching for the name of the app, or click the ‘ DuckDuckGo ‘ for a safe search engine.

The content below is not affiliated with any publisher. This is just a list of the biggest and most trusted websites where you can download PC games for free. We also have a category for Mac games and a category for Linux games, but this one is usually packed with broken links and shady content.

Id like to start with honesty, and be quite frank: we dont host cracked games here, and we arent affiliated with any other site. This site just contains a list of the biggest and best public downloaders. So yes, we do have some options for cracked games, but those arent uploaded by us and we cannot guarantee that theyre legit or that they work with your game.

The list on this site looks great, and can be very useful for some applications. We tried to include sites that offer software for Mac as well as Windows and Linux. But remember, if youre looking for cracked software, you should stick with the torrent forums, or sites like Reemo. This is, unfortunately, not the best list.

So, take this with a pinch of salt. Some of the downloads below will automatically start a process in the background, but often this also means the process is started on your PC, meaning it will use lots of resources and slow down your PC. Some files on this list are hosted on Internet Archive, which may contain malware if you download them. Check a site like VirusTotal to make sure.


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