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Another important thing to consider before downloading or cracking a game is the player reviews. There are a number of websites where you can read reviews on any game and itll tell you if its legit or a pirate. The worst thing to do would be to download a game simply because it got lots of positive reviews. If it does, then its almost certain to be a pirate.

The community and user-base of a site can also be a good indicator as to whether it contains illegal software. Once again, if a program gets lots of positive reviews and is cracked, its almost guaranteed to be a pirate. Piracy is the most common issue with online games, and its probably because they are of lower quality than non-pirated versions.

Pirated software or cracked programs are those which are not legally possessed and those are download through illegal ways. Many times, it is said that cracked software is from a public domain. These programs are easily downloadable and do not have a cost. All the programs here are legal to download or crack.

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