Bosch Kts 520 __HOT__ Keygen 36

Bosch Kts 520 __HOT__ Keygen 36


Bosch Kts 520 Keygen 36

compared to the standard dura-ace, the bosch performance brakes are about 20 percent more powerful. their ability to slow you down is much better, while their modulation is more sensitive and the fade is markedly reduced. the sensor in the center of the braking unit is also more sensitive than on previous models. but it’s the heat up-time that really stands out from the competition. the interrupter function on the front brake has a time of less than 250 milliseconds.

you may have noticed at some point on your test ride, that our brakes are hotter than usual. that is simply due to the interrupt function on the front brake. this function ensures that the front brake cannot wear the pads down further, so your brakes will need shorter intervals between adjustments. typically you get 800 – 1000 times per year on your brakes. with the interrupt feature, you will have 1,000 times per year.

what else would we expect from a bike with 805 mm of rear travel? bosch makes so many great features available on the bike, that you won’t miss anything. this bike is equipped with the function electronic suspension adjustment. in our opinion, that is absolutely indispensable. normally, it’s very difficult to adjust the suspension at speed. in the motorrad goldschmied, you can adjust it right at the limit of traction control. and so far, we’ve not had a chance to find another bike with a system like this.

cannondale designed a new handlebar with carbon triangle frames to help you carry more speed. like the lateral force of the power, this one balances the effort from side to side. bosch has also developed a new battery for the moterra. that’s the very latest technology from the manufacturer.



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