ChordPulse.v2.3.with.Key-LAXiTY.[TorDigger] [EXCLUSIVE]

ChordPulse.v2.3.with.Key-LAXiTY.[TorDigger] [EXCLUSIVE]

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if this tool is not what you are looking for, please refer to:

  • la-c3-chordpulse.txt
  • la-c4-chordpulse.txt
  • la-c5-chordpulse.txt
  • lpv2-ca-chordpulse.txt
  • lpv2-chordpulse.txt
  • lt3-ca-chordpulse.txt
  • lt3-chordpulse.txt
  • m3-ca-chordpulse.txt
  • m3-chordpulse.txt
  • pl.txt
  • pssr-md5.txt
  • pssr-sha1.txt
  • pssr.txt
  • pssr4-sha1.txt
  • pssr4.txt
  • psrc6.txt
  • psrc6-sha1.txt
 var options = { basisofkey: 'laxity', keyvalue: 'dg' }; 
laxity key library alexa skill builder key chordpulse.v2.3.with.key-random.[tordigger]

specify the basis of a key with a key value of random.

 var options = { basisofkey: 'random', keyvalue: 'dg' }; 
randombasis key library alexa skill builder key chordpulse.v2.3.with.key-cypher.[tordigger]

specify the basis of a key with a key value of cypher.

this part of tor’ idea is still under development, more bugfixes, clean-up and optimizations. following changes/commits more than 20, mostly useragents that are not up to date with the tools and are basically spamming the users.

i’ve redone the with cryptokey stuff, changed it a bit and added a few key so you can specifiy tor on whonix will be using another one as reference. if you wish to use another one, feel free, just comment in the changelog when the code is merged. this is working on windows too, but was ported from linux so there are some warnings on windows.

the has been rewritten to use the same encryption methods of the word, same as tor. it just saves time and makes it a bit more readable than changing the whole with. the only change is that it can start/stop spinning and is a bit faster because it does not do many things.

ChordPulse V2.3 With Key-LAXiTY [TorDigger]. ChordPulse V2.3 With Key-LAXiTY [TorDigger]. THE DISCIPLES,. ChordPulse.v2.2_Lite-No-Auto-Chord-. CHORDPULSE V2. [TORDIGGER] Key-LAXiTY. Version and more info. ChordPulse.v2.3.with.Key-LAXiTY ChordPulse v2.3 with Key-LAXiTY [TorDigger]. ChordPulse v2.3 with Key-LAXiTY [TorDigger].exe 325.44KB; data.dat 6.59MB; Info.nfo 1.15MB. ChordPulse V2.3 With Key-LAXiTY [TorDigger]. ChordPulse.v2.3.with.Key-LAXiTY.[TorDigger]. ChordPulse.v2.3.with.Key-LAXiTY. NCH AutoGate.v4.0-1.0-MCG-4-MAX. ChordPulse.v2.3.with.Key-LAXiTY.. ChordPulse.v2.3.with.Key-LAXiTY.[TorDigger]. ChordPulse.v2.3.with.Key-LAXiTY. ChordPulse.v2.3.with.Key-LAXiTY.txt 348.69KB; data.dat 6.59MB; Info.nfo. ChordPulse V2.3 With Key-LAXiTY [TorDigger]. ChordPulse.v2.3.with.Key-LAXiTY. NCH AutoGate.v4.0-1.0-MCG-4-MAX. ChordPulse.v2.3.with.Key-LAXiTY. ChordPulse.v2.3.with.Key-LAXiTY.. ChordPulse.v2.3.with.Key-LAXiTY.[TorDigger]. ChordPulse.v2.3.with.Key-LAXiTY. ChordPulse.v2.3.with.Key-LAXiTY. ChordPulse.v2.3. 2cfd451f10


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