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PPMCC is the preferred way to measure the strength of the relationship between two numeric variables in a correlation analysis. Its calculation is based on the method of the Pearson-formula. The Pearson correlation is simply a measure for the relationship between two variables. This test method calculates the difference between the variables as well as the total of these differences. The more similar the values are, the higher the Pearson correlation is. Therefore, this method measures the linear relationship between two variables. By looking at the Pearson correlation, you see which of the two variables is the cause of the changes in the other. When the values change together, there is a strong relationship between the variables. Another important point to be aware of is that the Pearson correlation is completely independent of the units used for both variables. The PPMCC values are always multiplied by a factor of 10^-3 (i.e., 0.1, 1, 10, 100, etc.). What is the PPMCC? The PPMCC is the Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient. The Pearson’s correlation calculates the linear relationship between two variables. It is computed by the difference between the mean of the two variables and the product of the standard deviation of the two variables (regardless of how the variables are measured). The correlation coefficient calculates the slope of the line (linear relationship) between the two variables. The closer the values lie on a line, the stronger the correlation is. When to use PPMCC: Using PPMCC, you can: Test the linear relationship between two numerical variables. A correlation of 0.95 means that variables x and y are very highly linearly correlated. If the correlation is less than 0.7, the two variables are not so strongly related. If the correlation coefficient is close to or greater than 0.7, you can conclude that a strong relationship exists. Test the linear relationship between two numerical variables and calculate the significance. How strongly are two numerical variables linearly related? PPMCC is the preferred way to look for a linear relationship between two variables. Test the linear relationship between two categorical variables. While they are not linearly related, they are significantly correlated with the PPMCC. Demonstrate the correlation between two numerical variables. PPMCC is the preferred way to find the linear relationship between two variables. Show the correlation between two categorical variables. While they are not linearly related, they are significantly correlated with the PPMCC. Test the linear relationship between two numerical

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It is a quick and reliable way to calculate the Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient (the PCC) and its statistical significance for pairs of variables. If it is significantly high or low, it will be noted accordingly. The program can be easily used by any normal people and the user can even learn about how the correlation coefficient works and why it is important. There is no need to worry about working with Excel; the program takes care of the process. Features of the application: Information on the rules of calculation. Calculations are made in real time and there are no delays or time limits. Highly compact and easy to use. Reports on the calculation results are made on the basis of easily identifiable graphs and statistics. The program is simple to use and the user can even learn the way it works. The process is made as simple as possible and problems can be found easily. Suitable for any typical users. There is no need to worry about results, there are no doubts about the accuracy of the program. We offer you the possibility to try the application free of charge. Just download the executable file for free, install and check the application. If you want to continue you may purchase the application in the store in the right menu of the program. The application is PC or Mac compatible. The user will see how the program works, what happens during the process and what the final results of the calculations will be. User will be able to see the information about the calculation process. User will be able to save the results of the calculations in order to make comparison between them later. User can see the value of the correlation coefficient and its statistical significance. User can change the values that the application will use and decide whether the calculations are to be made by the default values or by the user’s values. User will be able to make an in-depth analysis of the correlation coefficient. We offer the ability to receive reports about the application in the result log file. You can find the Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient as well as its equation in the program. The main advantages of the application are: Real-time calculations. Calculations are made in real time and there are no delays or time limits. Highly compact and easy to use. Reports on the calculation results are made on the basis

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