Download Extra Quality Oracle For Windows 64

Download Extra Quality Oracle For Windows 64


Download Oracle For Windows 64

i continued using the „c:oracleora11_home“ windows user and replaced the existing „c:oracleora_home“ windows user with a new one. this new windows user has the windows privilege to do anything under the folder „c:oracleora11_homeproduct11.2.0.4owbowbbinadmin“ (e.g. „“) and „c:oracleora11_homeproduct11.4owbowblog“ (e. „owbsys.00001.log“). therefore the oracle database service must be started under this new windows user to create the database files in those folders.

the last one is an example of the search results i get. if you search for package, you get all the 11.a12s. i chose to see the 1st result as this is the only one that has all the components you need. i dont care if the results are sorted by relevancy to the search or not. i just want to see the download package from oracle as that is all i need.

i hope this is the right place to ask for help. i need to install the client and the odbc drivers for windows 64 bit for an application that is making calls to oracle. the application will only run in 64 bit. i have the client installed but i cant install the odbc drivers. i try to use the drivers from the 32 bit odbc software but the installer fails. i have the 32 bit driver from oracle installed (version for 64 bit) and i have the 32 bit odbc installers also installed. i get the following error message:

diane burket the senior director of middleware strategy for oracle is an impressive presenter. this presentation is a must see for anyone who wants to know what makes oracle different and who is responsible for that. of course, i had to listen to it twice.



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