Free Bios Password Cracker For Laptop __FULL__


Free Bios Password Cracker For Laptop

However Ive got a good one here, a Panasonic CF-T5 (typically called a ToughBook), its bios and HardDrive locked. The laptop was originally owned by a hospital, passed via auction to an employee, which then was passed to her daughter. Neither of them can remember either of the passwords. Ive yet to get the cover off to force the reset of the Bios (as the screws in this thing have damaged two of my screwdrivers) and are very small.
I plan to format the hard drive with Linux once I can get past the bios (as it wont boot to an external drive/flash drive/usb drive).
Ill post an update here on how this went. (may also link some images of this case and its cmos battery location and such)

Ive got an HP Compaq nx69xx. Ive been working on this thing for about 2 months now and have now finally got a response from the HP shop. Ive put a hard drive into it so I can get it to boot, all I have to do now is find out how to reset the bios and hopefully write my password to it.
Here is a website that has a lot of good info on the BIOS password situation. I think theres also some useful tools that you can use. Go to

I have a Toshiba Tecra M4. Not a laptop but I have the same issues. I have to remove the battery to get into the bios, then from the bios I go to Advanced Options and then default. Then I can put the battery back in and it boots up.

Sounds like a joke but it is real. No need to remove the battery. Go to the advanced tab (make sure bios is in defaults) and enter a password of 8 digits and hit enter. It should boot, it did for me anyway.



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