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GIMP The free (as in beer) GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is a powerful and relatively easy-to-use image-editing program, just as described in Chapter 2. The basics of GIMP are similar to those of Photoshop, but it has some unique features and is distributed as open source software. * _**Best features:**_ GIMP is a very powerful program that allows you to create and manipulate images easily. * _**Drawbacks:**_ GIMP lacks the number of tools and presets that Photoshop has. However, it is easy to learn and quite powerful once you get

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Adobe Photoshop and Photoshop Elements are similar in general functionality, but Photoshop includes advanced features such as special effects, 3D editing, filters, special drawing tools, and more. Elements also includes other features such as the Image Adjustment Layer, essential for manipulating the whole of an image with one or several adjustments, the Image Matching feature and the ability to create custom actions and scripts. Getting Started with Photoshop Elements When you first start using Photoshop Elements, you will probably want to import an image you’ve just taken. If you have an image on your device, you can directly drag it to the Editor window and it will be automatically imported and opened. If not, you can import one from your computer using the Import button. Select Tools -> Import. You will see a new window appear, containing all images on your device or selected from your computer. Select an image, drag and drop it to the image window and release. You will see the image open and open up in the Editor. You can select multiple images and drag and drop them on top of one another in the Editor to assemble them, use the File Menu to return to the Import window and create a new image, or delete the image if you have no use for it. You will also want to save your work from time to time, in case you make a mistake. Photoshop Elements has several options for saving the current state of the document. You can save the image to your computer with the Save command in the File Menu. You can also save the current image as a layered PSD file. That file will contain all the settings that have been made in the image, including the Layer style and all the edits. That file can be opened in Photoshop when your computer is available. Backing Up Your Work Photoshop Elements does not let you edit images from the Favorites Bar that you choose to open at the top of the screen, which is where Photoshop would take you. It will only allow you to open a single image. However, you can still select Favorites from the File Menu and it will open one of the images in the Favorites Bar. You can then open another image from the Favorites Bar. You can use this to do basic trimming, then save the image to the Favorites Bar for editing. When you are finished, you can use it as a new image from the Favorites Bar. If you want to open multiple images from the Favor 05a79cecff

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Q: rails – how to convert Rails 3 application to Rails 4 I have converted a Rails 3 app to a Rails 4 app and basically everything is pretty much the same except for the URL patterns. In Rails 3 the URL “/index” would represent the current page and “/index.html” would load the html version. In Rails 4 the same is done in RESTful routing using the resourceful mapping. In Rails 4 you can have URL’s like “/profile/1476” and they return JSON data. Is there a easy way to get this app to work in Rails 4? I don’t want to have to refactor everything. A: It depends whether you want to update the whole application or only the routing of the current version. For updating the routing you can do the following: Basically you’ll have to update your routes.rb to add the necessary resources :profiles When you only update the routing there should be no problems O’Donnell on Trump-Putin Meeting: ‘I Don’t Watch Much TV So I’m Not That Sophisticated About It’ GOP strategist: ‘Democrats Are Wrong’ to Blame Republicans for Impeachment President Trump disputed reports that his administration had to scramble to draft a replacement for Acting Attorney General Sally Yates amid an FBI probe into the White House. “It isn’t true. It’s fake news and it’s just a hoax. The only reason it’s being reported is because they know they didn’t get their man in the Senate,” Trump said Friday. “That’s the only reason, because they know they didn’t get their man in the Senate.” But White House staff wrote an op-ed this week asking for Yates to remain in the job, saying they needed Yates to implement a travel ban on those who have been identified as terrorist threats. “This emergency exists to ensure that the country is well-defended against our most lethal adversary,” they wrote. “We must maintain the critical tools necessary to promote American values, protect our homeland and deter foreign aggression.” Yates testified before the House Judiciary Committee that she warned the White House about Michael Flynn, Trump’s former national security adviser, being compromised by Russia. But White House press secretary Sean Spicer said earlier this week that Yates’ testimony

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Windows 7 or later: Mac OS 10.4 or later Ratings and Reviews: The first thing you will notice is the art style. That said, every character looks amazing, and I don’t even mind the way the background blends with the character models in some cases.While the stylistic choices are great and I certainly don’t mind them, the game has several graphical issues that detract from the overall presentation. You would think that with the team that created “Uncharted”, that graphical presentation would be high on their list of priorities,


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