FSX – DHC6 Twin Otter V1.11 – Final Release (Aerosoft) Generator Online ((FREE))

FSX – DHC6 Twin Otter V1.11 – Final Release (Aerosoft) Generator Online ((FREE))


FSX – DHC6 Twin Otter V1.11 – Final Release (Aerosoft) Generator Online

Fly the FDM Twin Otter V1.11 with full confidence that Aerosoft have done a wonderful job. The aircraft’s handling characteristics are superb, with the throttle, magneto, and mixture controls being well represented. The landing gear is cleanly represented, with the gear opening and outstretched position being accurately represented. The textures and interior lighting are wonderful, as is the complete cockpit lighting, which enables the observer to see almost every detail of the aircraft. The engine power controls are represented with the correct fader curves and are accurately scaled. The twist grip and rudder pedals are also very smooth. The interior is brilliantly represented, with the exterior lighting being correctly rendered, with the correct colour. The built in ATC voice system uses the very latest voice sounds, and the included sound FX are a pleasure to listen to. The cockpit door is very well rendered.

To sum up, the FDM Twin Otter V1.11 will provide many hours of enjoyment flying at destinations around the world. The FDM material supports a wide range of add ons, so no matter what you are looking for, this system should be able to help you find it. All in all, this is a very well done package which should prove very popular.

Conclusion by FlightSim.com:
Aerosoft has put a lot of work into the DHC6 Twin Otter, and the results are fantastic. The visuals are of very high quality, and the aircraft handles very well, and has excellent functionality.

Thanks Zaki87! I also have another question. I have just downloaded and unpacked the files and everything seems to be in order, I have the 2 files sound pack.zip & dts.zip in the Audio folder and the samp_twin_otter.dll in the Aerosoft folder, but when I run the mod it tells me theres no.dll file and I can’t start the mod. The.dll file is in the correct folder, I have even deleted all the.dlls in my folder and nothing works. Any ideas please. I’m a newbie to X-Plane, so what I want to know is How to get these mods working, and if there is any tutorial or something that I can follow to get it working. I’ve searched all over the place. You are the only one online that I know of that has a Twotter mod and have a tutorial. I really appreciate it.

the first 3d model of the twin otter was created by marc st. hilaire, a french pilot and aerobatics champion and was officially introduced at the paris salon of aircraft in 1996. it was presented as a concept, but sold and introduced in 1999 as the aerocopter for fsx. modelled in aerosoft, this is the twin otter by aerosoft. currently, it is the best piston aircraft in the world. fly it and enjoy the adventure, with all its features that make it a very realistic aircraft. the twin otter is a canadian aircraft that is famous for its aerobatic maneuvers. the aircraft is known for its stable handling, high groundspeed, and handling qualities. it is also widely used by the military for transport, search and rescue, and anti-submarine warfare. well done aerosoft! the fdm is a good update for the kodiak. i’m very pleased to see that the creators of the fdm decided to finish the job and create a twin otter. it looks great and offers some fun experiences to fly. it’s good that aerosoft decided to close the gap to the reality a bit, so they could take the needed steps to reach their goal, which is to create the best model available. i can’t wait to see what the next aircraft they will create will be like. it is safe to say that i’m quite happy with the final version of the dhc6. i’m not a huge fan of the kodiak, but i appreciate the work that went into creating the fdm, so i’m really pleased to see the same for the twin otter. i think the final version was, at least for me, the best and most realistic aircraft that aerosoft has released so far. i’m very pleased and happy with the final version of the fdm. 5ec8ef588b



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