Italian Il Richiamo Della Foresta 720p

Italian Il Richiamo Della Foresta 720p


Italian Il Richiamo Della Foresta 720p

heart of the forest is one of the most intriguing adventures of the dreamland series to date. we will make our own journey into the italian cultural heritage with the experience of a young woman who is called to save the forest that she loves. the experience will be enriched with a soundtrack by occhio cielo, the dream pop band of alessandro bessi, who will be the composer of the game. alessandro bessi is also the creator of the web radio “occhio cielo” (

it is the 6th game of dreamland series. the series is dedicated to the author of the “bible” of italian dream pop giacomo puccini, in a universe of gothic horror where the dreams of dreamers take real effects on the world and other dreams.

dreamland is the leading italian video game developer and publisher, actively involved in the italian videogame market since its founding in 2010. thanks to its wide range of games, dreamland has been constantly working on developing new multimedia projects, and is active in several segments: from publishing to the videogame industry, to the cinema, to the music and advertising worlds.

dreamland actively develops and publishes games and apps for mobile platforms, and has achieved great success thanks to the quality of its products, among which the dreamland games series of adventure games for ios and android, which have been critically acclaimed by the audience and the press. the dreamland games series have also won numerous prizes at the italian and international games festivals.

in 2014 dreamland released the game dreamland, which was awarded the best game of the year at the italian games festival in genoa, and the best italian game of 2014 at the game expo, in milan. that same year the company took part in the porta a porta exhibition, held in collaboration with the fidipp, which was able to see the participation of the dreamland team and the exhibitor: dreamland studio, in the exhibition area of the region of abruzzo.



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