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the jumbo 12 is a truly amazing pedal and is a must have. it will change the way you think about the guitar and will change your sound for good. not many pedals can do what this one can do and for the price it is a great value. i have no doubt that this pedal will be a staple in the guitarists rig for a long time to come and i urge you to pick it up today! i highly recommend this pedal.

i was very impressed by this pedal. it has a very unique sound, the reason i bought this was because i like the sound of the pedal in the video! i really like the “orange tree” pedals sound. i have bought and sold many orange tree pedals before but the jumbo 12 is by far my favorite pedal.

the first thing that will strike you about the xtreme version of komplete kontrol s-series is that the switches and knobs are much more responsive than the standard version. before you start to play a track, you can really feel the physical response in the device. the feel of the keys is great and the touch-response of the knobs is really good. they are also really precise. i tested this by playing a very slow track at a tempo of 120 bpm. i think my hands were shaking slightly. the feel and action of the knobs are just right for this kind of playing. the jumbo is a pleasure to play on.

the evolution jumbo 12 is a transitional guitar for us; it’s a more traditional guitar, but with some new ideas. this guitar is a little heavier than the evolution jumbo and it’s a bit more comfortable to play. it’s still a 12-string guitar, but it’s a 12-string with a traditional body. this guitar has a larger body and it’s a great guitar for picking and strumming.

you should always know what the files on a media store are actually called when you search for them. for instance, i want to play the evolution jumbo 12 sample. it is actually titled: “evolution-jumbo-12” right? at my library, its name is “**evolution-jumbo-12” not “**evolution-jumbo-12”. that second **** is a full 64k in size. that results in abysmal speeds that i cannot endure and yet, apple’s and other implementations are simply fine. as many of you already know, i have been working on adding custom samples to apple music. today was a milestone on that journey. i just released an update to my ispirit plug-in which allows a user to upload external samples to apple music and automatically create versions for a wide array of virtual instruments. these same samples can be used in other instruments and even standalone applications in the future. in the past, all of the ispirit plug-in users had to do was open up their samples to the cloud and apple handled all the uploading and creating the instrument’s versions. that’s changed. the user can now choose what instrument version and location to upload their samples to apple music. you can still use your own upload location and create your own versions, or, if you want to conserve space, select a version and leave your sample on your local machine (a bit like audiobus). i’m nearing the end of my kickstarter campaign, so i’ve started a vote in order to get some feedback for some future improvements i’d like to make. with the kickstarter campaign having passed by the time i started my post, i won’t know if i’ll be able to make some of those, but i wanted to give you a heads up in the event that we do. 5ec8ef588b



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