Knightofthetemple2download !!HOT!!pc

Knightofthetemple2download !!HOT!!pc



the txt file contains relevant information about the installation and uninstallation of the game. it can be used to get further assistance with the installer. the following can be found in the text file

  • uninstall path – the folder that was used to run the game’s uninstaller.
  • installation folder – the root folder of the game installation.
  • installation version – the version number of the installed game.
  • configuration folder – the folder that contains the settings files. it is named like the game’s folder when installed.
  • cache folder – the folder that contains the data that would normally be in the game’s cache folder.
  • portable folder – the folder that can be copied to the user’s portable device storage.
uninstall /target /f 
txt file source code

the source code contains the tools and functions that can be used to change the game. in most cases, this is not a recommended approach. it is however good for people who enjoy hacking and building their own game without any restrictions.


the script contains information how to make the dependencies for the ck2 source. if you have previously installed ck2 without using this script, you need to run this script. the script will then scan through your system for ck2 related packages. these are defined by the -d parameter. you can use this parameter to add your own package on your system. the script will then check if it would result in a conflicting package. in this case, it will skip the installation of your additional package and return. if your system already contains ck2 related packages, you need to add your additional packages to the dependencies. this can be done by adding -d to the script. for example, if you have the package libcurl installed, you can add this to the script by adding -d-dcurl. the script will then install the needed packages automatically. it will return if your package is already installed or if it would result in a conflicting package. note that the script will only install packages that it needs to build ck2. this means it will only check your system for the dependencies required to build the game.



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