Kotor 2 Female Head Mods REPACK

Kotor 2 Female Head Mods REPACK


Kotor 2 Female Head Mods

as for special thanks and stuff, there are a ton of people who have my thanks and consider themselves mods with a head. but i can only remember a few, and their names. so here’s the list:

  • zerone – for making the mod a reality!
  • bufu – for making the female exile outfit.
  • aussiejedi – for giving me permission to host his mod.
  • lucasoft – for making the mtfsr models.
  • the_obella – for his “blue battle ensemble – female” mod. note that the texture doesnt actually fit but it is really great all the same.
  • you guys – for fixing my grammar.

the mod works by replicating the custommodel files of kotor 1male in kotor 2’s override folders. all of the kotor 1male models have been overwritten by kotor 2 models. some of the kotor 2 models have been modified by the mtfsr for an even tighter fit with the new gender-swapped versions.

there are two main issues with the mod: 1. new texture mods like the fireres textures and the headreplicants textures won’t work since they are replacing the original files. 2. texture mods that don’t replace the original files will work and their textures will look the same in kotor 2, but the heads will have a noticeable difference. hopefully the mtfsr will patch it by this summer.

while visiting the mtfsr forums, i found out there was a female exile that was modeled after livia serif. now i also have a mod for her. so if you run into this female exile, i’m sure you’d like her as well. credits go to bufu who made this female exile mod.
to install:

the character core is the same as the head/body mod. it provides specific hairstyles, eye colors and facial features for the female character. after installing and testing the character core mod, you’ll find these are the only mods that are needed to give the female character more looks and makes her face a lot more realistic.

a mod called fallout 3 role-playing letting players to play through the whole game as a femme. the mod does not limit players of any gender, but players are provided with options to either create a character similar to sarah kay’s femshep from kotor, or create a stronger female version of themselves. another option is to change gender. while most mods in this category focus on improving the female character’s features, some mods will improve the male character’s features as well. the options include changes to hairstyles and hair colours, and general changes like sizes of skin textures and more. originally created for non commercial use, keygen is the most popular custom editor for creating your own game.. and with the release of mods for the nexus, it has developed into an excellent software for modding. it uses a trade off between customization and ease of use by creating mods from scratch, then merging those into a single installable package. the nexus-edition of the software is called nexus ( click here ) and it is the recommended editor for all new mods that are created. an advanced enrollment kit let’s you design your own game, which could be based around your own custom world, factions, or even make a complete new game. it also offers some other useful features like rebalancing, a whole slew of choice to allow players to customize their experience, and the ability to create mods that are not compatible with other mods. the benefits are mostly that it takes a lot of stress off the modding community as there is no fear of mods conflicting with each other and getting rid of mods that people don’t like as the choices are user friendly and you get more control on how the mod is created, making it so you do not need a lot of experience to create a mod and a lot of people to test the mods. 5ec8ef588b



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