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Lazy Locker is an interesting and very easy to work with piece of software that was developed to help you log off your computer with no effort, without having to use hotkeys or countless mouse clicks to get the job done. Minimalistic and practical appearance The utility features a straightforward, one-window interface, where all of its configuration options can be found and adjusted for your particular needs. By default, Lazy Locker runs minimized in the notification area, allowing you to benefit from its functions, without getting in the way of your regular activities. Configure the screen corners to log you off For starters, you should define the functioning parameters of the application, which is a lot more simple than it sounds. This can be done by right-clicking on the system tray icon and selecting the ‘Settings’ option. Here, you can set which of the four corners of your screen should be sensible to Lazy Locker, as well as the surface area that should respond to your mouse hovering over it, ranging from as little as 2 pixels to as much as 100. Lower than 2 pixels will disable the corner in question. Moreover, Lazy Locker lets you decide how long after hovering with your mouse in the screen corner, should you be logged off. This can range between 0 and sixty seconds, depending on how you prefer it. Similarly, you can have the tool run at system startup, to spare you the trouble of launching it every time you want to work with it. Once you’re satisfied with your setup, you can just close the window, as it does not require you to save the configuration, it activates them automatically. From then on, you can just slide your mouse cursor in the preferred corner and you will be logged off within moments. Should you want to disable Lazy Locker, you will need to ‘Exit’ from the notification area. about Welcome to AssassinSpy. To be honest I don’t really have a good explanation for the title of this page, I guess I just came to think of the world like that. I’m pretty new to all this hacking, so that’s probably the reason why I came to call myself a “hacker” on other sites. However, I have decided to give this website a bit of a change, and try my best to provide different content from what you might find elsewhere on the web.Eggtoberfest returns to a new location in the greater Vancouver area

Lazy Locker

Lazy Locker is a utility for Windows that allows you to log off your computer by sliding a mouse cursor over certain system tray areas, instead of pointing to the log off menu in the control panel.The following abbreviations are herewith defined, at least some of which are referred to within the following description: Third-Generation Partnership Project (3GPP), third generation partnership project; Enhanced Node B (eNB), base station of an LTE or LTE-Advanced system, will be referred to as macro cell base station herein, while in the contexts of LTE and LTE-A, a base station may also be referred to as a “donor” base station, a wireless access point, or a Node B; Long Term Evolution (LTE), next generation or next generation communication system; LTE Advanced (LTE-A), evolution of the LTE standard; evolved universal terrestrial radio access (E-UTRA), radio interface of the Long-Term Evolution (LTE); TS, transport-service (e.g., transport plane or transport channel); RRC, radio resource control; MAC, medium access control; PHY, physical; HPB, high power broadcast; PCH, physical control channel; PDSCH, physical downlink shared channel; PMI, pre-coding matrix indicator; ACK, acknowledge; HARQ, Hybrid Automatic Repeat Request; PUSCH, physical uplink shared channel; AP, access point; SON, soft handover; RAT, radio access technology; eNB, macro cell base station; MBSFN, multi-base station/multi-sector broadcast single frequency network; DTX, discontinuous transmission; LTE-A, LTE advanced; D2D, device-to-device; DL, downlink; OFDMA, Orthogonal frequency division multiple access; SC-FDMA, single carrier frequency division multiple access; UARFCN, UE-associated radio resource control (RRC) configuration notification; PUCCH, physical uplink control channel; L1, layer 1; PHICH, physical hybrid ARQ indicator channel; UTRAN, UMTS terrestrial radio access network; SIC, sequential interference cancellation; DFT, discrete Fourier transform; NDFT, fast Fourier transform; FFT, Fourier transform; CIC, convolutional inter-code; AGC, automatic gain control; SRS, sounding reference signal; RAKE, a rake receiver; CQI, channel quality 91bb86ccfa

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The name sounds a bit contradictory, but it is a good piece of software; it was created to help you log off your computer without any effort, by way of a system tray icon, activated by mouse hovering. Moreover, the icon looks quite minimalistic and not interesting, but this is not what’s great about it. Lazy Locker was designed to be a well-structured, unified and non-obtrusive software, to the point that even people with an in-depth understanding of PCs and their operation could use it without a problem. We had the privilege of testing Lazy Locker, and we have to admit we are quite impressed; though it was designed for people who have no technical background, it works like a charm. We were even impressed with how flexible it is; you can adjust the logoff settings to suit your own needs, and you can have it log you off automatically at system startup, to spare you the trouble of launching it every time you want to use it. Final verdict: Lazy Locker is a very useful piece of software, which is easy to use and very non-intrusive. Leave a comment » Code optimization is definitely a very important factor when it comes to application development. Most of the time, programmers may have to go through Code optimisation processes which reduce the software size, thus increasing its performance. If you have experienced a slowness or you just want to put this software through its paces, you can try out the following tips for optimization. As with most software, deleting the unnecessary features such as unused code, unneeded data and unneeded features will definitely help your application speed up! Recently we noticed that if you try to take a screenshot while your laptop’s power is off, the application won’t function as it should. In this post we are going to look into what actually happens and how to prevent it, in case you find the same issue. You may have no idea that keeping your system clean of junk files can be very useful in saving resources. If you want to do so, you should learn to delete all the temporary files that are left over in your computer. There are many such files that are kept over time in your computer. In this case, you can also check your recycle bin to know how much junk files are there in your computer. When you work on the Web to search for the right domain name, you will want to keep as many aspects of your

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* Lazy Locker will log you off if you move your mouse to any of four corners of your screen. * Lazy Locker will be active only if your desktop wallpaper is selected. * Lazy Locker will monitor your moves from startup (the desktop wallpaper selection in the first minutes). * When Lazy Locker is active, any mouse move over the activated corner will log you off. If you have more than one corner activated, Lazy Locker will log you off randomly! * Lazy Locker uses your mouse moves to determine which of four corners will be active, but only if your mouse cursor is not blinking and Lazy Locker is not minimized! * Lazy Locker can not access and control your desktop. * You can activate Lazy Locker manually by clicking on its icon in the Windows taskbar notification area. * Lazy Locker does not intercept mouse moves and cannot control your desktop. * You can easily switch the logging off interval on the fly by clicking on the magnifying glass in the corner. * Lazy Locker doesn’t take mouse clicks for logging off, just a mouse move. * Startup can be set in Settings. * When minimized, Lazy Locker runs in the system tray. * Lazy Locker has no menu and no options to configure. * Lazy Locker is free software. * Lazy Locker works in Win 98/ME/NT/2000/XP. * Lazy Locker works in all languages of Windows. * You can disable Lazy Locker at will and keep it disabled at all times for system stability. * If you want to deactivate it just move the mouse to one of the four corners. * The settings for mouse movement can be set from 0 to 100. * Default settings: Lazy Locker runs minimized in system tray and switches off after two minutes. It takes input from only two corners – not from every corner of the screen. Mouse movement from one of the four corners is enough to activate Lazy Locker. EASILY CUSTOMIZE THE WAY YOU USE YOUR LAPTOP. The Lock Screen Manager window allows you to manage your laptop’s lock screen, as well as its brightness and volume. Besides managing your PC’s lock screen, you can also lock the screen manually by clicking on the small lock icon in the top right corner. This allows you to switch on the lock

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Processor: 1.4 GHz Intel Core i3 or equivalent RAM: 2 GB Video: 1280×800 or better DirectX: Version 11 Other: The game can be played at 2560×1440 if you have a monitor that supports this resolution, but the in-game performance will likely be affected. For a more detailed list of minimum and recommended requirements, please visit the official PC System Requirements page.(a) Field of the Invention The present invention relates to a driving apparatus of a discharge


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