Magic Bullet Suite V2.1 For Adobe After Effects – Premiere [RH] 64 Bit _HOT_

Magic Bullet Suite V2.1 For Adobe After Effects – Premiere [RH] 64 Bit _HOT_



Magic Bullet Suite V2.1 For Adobe After Effects – Premiere [RH] 64 Bit

Finally, youll love the new Colorista IV feature in After Effects. Colorista is a color grading plug-in that offers powerful colors and a simple user interface. Its designed to run natively in After Effects and Premiere Pro, so youll benefit from accurate color correction and great performance. Colorista pulls from the high-definition luminance information in your raw footage without losing any details, and this is vital for production grading. It will work in both Avid and Adobe hosts, but if youre already comfortable with the AE panel, its probably easier to work with the Colorista panel itself.

Colorista IV in After Effects is an excellent color grading tool that works in both Avid and Adobe hosts. Presets and tools are grouped into various categories, and if you are used to using Photoshop, youll find the interface easy to understand. Colorista IV works wonderfully in Adobe projects, both inside Premiere Pro and after the fact for the final render.

Red Giant has improved their presets collection with Red Dog, so that you can find the perfect one for the size of your shot. Red Dog includes 37 filmic and cinematic presets for color grading in After Effects, and its a brilliant addition to an already comprehensive suite.

After Effects is all about video. Video in many places including TV, Film, Sports, Internet, etc. In this day and age of digital content, it is very evident that there needs to be a unified method of editing and post. Thats where After Effects came into play. To really be a part of the integrated family of videos, a post process tool is needed. After all, what good is a tool if it is not used with great effect.



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