Mt. Mograph Motion 3.20

Mt. Mograph Motion 3.20

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Mt. Mograph Motion 3.20

you’ll learn about the software, principles, and techniques used in the field through in-depth case-studies and tons of bonus material. well show you how to recognize motion design work in commercials, title sequences for film and tv, and even in your favorite apps. tour four very different motion design studios to see how the industry is growing every day. finally, you’ll check out the creation of an entire real-world project from start to finish.

the next logical step in motion graphics might be to include your own music. this is already possible by using one of the many free music plug-ins like splice music or splice av, but now you can also use the motion music plug-in created by joe williams, the man behind motion graphics. the plug-in includes 45 presets and many controls and it is available for both mac and windows.

in addition to this, joe also created a series of motion music packs, which are collections of presets that you can easily import and use in your own projects. these packs are available for splice motion and splice motion for adobe after effects.

if you are an apple user, you can use the splice motion music macos plug-in to import presets and start working with your own project right away. furthermore, as the presets are available in all major formats, you can use them in all the programs that you use on a daily basis.

now that we have moved past the basics, it might be a good idea to start thinking about the more technical side of things. for example, you might want to start adding more realism to your scenes. you can do this by using one of the presets in the presets pack and then adjusting the settings as you please. or, if you want to add a bit more realism, you can start by creating your own presets. this is exactly what joe williams did when he created the motion graphics presets. this collection of presets are created using presets from the splice motion for motion graphics and splice motion for after effects presets packs.[3264bit-2022[macwin-[updated



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