Oracle Jinitiator For Windows 7 Free Download BETTER

Oracle Jinitiator For Windows 7 Free Download BETTER


Oracle Jinitiator For Windows 7 Free Download

I have Oracle Forms Application on the client workstation, the system tray icon displays the correct banner, but when a user opens a record or clicks the print button, nothing happens. I opened Task Manager and found the following at the Processes tab:
Java for Oracle Forms(joglx.exe) and Wininet for Oracle Forms(joglxvst.exe) both under System.

Srry to bother you with this question but I cant find any solution. I`m still trying to get rid of this problem. Here`s the thing:
I`m running on a Windows 7 Enterprise x64 with IE9. Whenever I start to log in or go to an oracle jiniated page, a windows pop-up shows itself and blocks the application untill it closes.
The message says “Unable to contact Oracle. Please try again later.”
However, the application works fine when I start it with the shortcut. Same thing happens when I start the application using the shortcut. When I run it using the system menu with “Run as Administrator” option it does work fine. What can I do to solve this problem?
Thank you.

Windows 7 Enterprise x64. Every time I start my JIniated application with IE9, there is a message that says: “Unable to contact Oracle. Please try again later.” “The Oracle Database Java Diagnostics Service has detected that you are running an older version of the Oracle Database. You are currently running JvTI_1_3_1_22.”

I do not need any of the other plug ins and my system does not appear to have any plugins installed, So I cannot see any problems installing the oracle jinitiator. I have checked the system folder for any plugins, in the plugins folder or in any registry entries, have not found any. Кранирование This particular problem is only arising in IE7 which is crazy, because I have used IE for years, Maybe Microsoft is just crazy. I have tested Netscape and Opera it is just IE.



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