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Digital video If you’re interested in creating digital videos, you may have heard of Camtasia from TechSmith (``) or EditMagic from EditMagic (``) for making videos on your computer, and FinalCut Pro from Apple (``) for producing videos on Apple products. These programs offer all the features required to produce videos, but they differ in terms of quality, ease of use, and price. If you’re a beginner, TechSmith’s Camtasia is easier to learn and use than EditMagic’s — although EditMagic has a decent free version. Although FinalCut Pro is a very powerful program, it’s not a beginner’s tool.

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Photoshop is available for Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android mobile devices. To be clear, Photoshop is not just a photography application — it’s a professional graphics editing program. You might need a separate graphics editor if you’re creating high quality images for print. But, if you want to edit your images in Photoshop Elements, you won’t find a professional-level editor. This guide provides an introduction to editing images in Photoshop Elements. Learn the basics, from cropping to color correcting, and get tips for improving your images. Topics Photoshop Elements comes with the following tools: Crop: Trims your photo to focus on a specific area Resize: Changes the size of your image Rotate: A rotation tool to make your image right side up Smudge/Sharpen: Use to fix damaged areas of your photo Paint Bucket: An area for painting and drawing on your photo Layer: A way to group together photos, images, and more Adjustment Layers: A special way of organizing tools Artistic layers: Add text, shapes, and other things to your images Use the left side of this guide to find the specific tool or function you need to edit your photos. Crop a Photo One of the first steps of editing in Photoshop is to crop your photo so it fits its final size. Choose Image > Crop (or press Ctrl+C / +C on a Mac) and then click in the corner of the photo to select the area you want to keep. Use the crop tool to trim down your photo to a size that fits your final printing or display size. If you edit your photos on a computer, this tool works for any toolbars, including the Basic, Guides, and the others. If you want to crop photos stored on the phone, use the phone interface in Photoshop Elements. When cropping, avoid trimming your photo into a strange shape. If the tools won’t let you change the photo, try changing the image size. Resize a Photo While you can crop images into any shape, you can’t resize them easily with the tools available in Elements. Instead, Photoshop Elements offers a simple image resize tool. Choose Image > Resize to change the size of your image. You can a681f4349e

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