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Most of this book is directed at individuals who are interested in learning how to use Photoshop to create and modify images, explore the features, and maintain image quality and balance. You need to be comfortable with a computer and grasp the basics of photo and image capture. You may need to know rudimentary computer skills. ## Starting with the Basics Every image begins life as a captured photo and may be worked on further in the form of an image file. You need to know a few basic concepts about digital photography before you jump right into Photoshop. ## Understanding the Basics of Digital Photography With a digital camera, you don’t record an analog image. You _see_ what you capture. In reality, the image comes into a computer or camera as a series of dots, each a tiny bit of a given color, called a _pixel_. Each pixel represents a certain color, which, in turn, creates the impression of a color on the picture. In the digital camera, the sensor in the camera takes in the light that hits the lens of the camera, and the picture is recorded on the camera’s memory card as a sequence of dots that are put in rows, or _scanlines._ The value of each dot on the scanner is represented by a value from 0 to 255, with the largest amount of light representing a white, or 255, value, and the least amount of light representing a black, or 0, value. Digital cameras have two basic components that read the light that hits the sensor. In many of the cameras that have been on the market for some time, the two components are placed _back-to-back_ —one behind the other. The rear element produces the image in three dimensions and records the light that hits the lens, while the front element reads light that hits the sensor and records it. The front element in digital camera sensors is often referred to as the _image sensor._ Some digital cameras have an _APS-C_, or _APS-H_, or _APS-C/APS-H_, sensor, which is a crop of the image that comes from the rear element. The image sensor converts the light that hits it into a three-dimensional (3D) array of numbers that can be mathematically manipulated to give you the final image. Photoshop and other image-editing programs use three basic color models: RGB, CMYK, and Lab. Each model represents a different light source and offers slightly different

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Save a time-consuming edit and instantly share to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. Features: Powerful for: Edit large and small photographs: Edit text, colors, and layers in an easy and efficient way Create new high-quality images from scratch: Add fresh photography and produce new elements for your images and videos Increase the quality of your images: Get the best results when editing with the latest enhancements in Adobe Photoshop Distribute your images on an international scale: Perfect for sharing images with relatives and friends, or for the web with page Features: Lightness skin cleansing: A better tool for skin lovers, and those who want an artist expression Save time: Quickly and easily bring out your creative side Add color and lights with ease: Add the intensity of the day with the best editing for skin Create and edit: Add another layer of fun in the game Adobe Photoshop Elements 14 Highlights: Enhance your pictures with the Lighness Curves tool: Correct light and dark areas in a single window Save it in a new High-Definition (HQ) format: Create beautiful high quality photos Get amazing effects, with the Color Curves tool: Create color visions and add color to your images Integrate with on Creativity Cloud: Share your photos and videos Share your creativity with family and friends, directly from your iPhone: Send them your great edits Full support in and for Windows 7, 8 and 10 It offers a full library of more than 1,500 professional-quality presets Download and install it instantly with an Adobe Creative Cloud Membership Get the best of Photoshop for your images Highlights: Keeps the personal touch to editing: For individuals looking for an advanced editing software. Empower the craftsmanship: Enables users to be creative and expressive to edit images and photos. The ultimate artwork: Boost creativity with robust tools with the best ergonomics. Scaling techniques: Show the power of the workspace to the maximum and get amazing results. Easy to use: Optimize your results with the best ergonomics. About Photoshop Photoshop is Adobe’s most complete picture editing software available to consumers. Its uses and applications are increasing every day. This advanced product makes it possible to edit and create content in professional ways. 05a79cecff

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Q: Restlet 2 HTTP caching of resources I’ve written an API in Restlet 2 in which I fetch data from an external server via HTTPS. When caching the response and return it to the client, I set Cache-Control: max-age=600 and ETag: “some-hash” headers. Restlet has native support for caching in: But the website only shows How to configure GET and POST requests to cache, but not how to cache responses. Is it possible to configure this behavior, and are there any limitations? A: I agree with @mkopriva’s comment that Restlet doesn’t do what you expect from a caching client. But there is an interesting solution to your problem. Restlet already has some default cache filters : you can add a CacheFilterResourceFilter : It is explained as follow : /// default filters. For each resource there are several default filters : ResourceFilter : it is applied before a Filter which allows to block the resource (ResourceFilterResourceFilter). ContentLengthFilter : it is applied before a Filter which enables you to handle or not the content of a resource (ResourceFilterResourceFilter). AllowedOriginFilter : it is applied after a Filter which enables you to deny access to a resource if the origin is not of your concern (ResourceFilterResourceFilter). NotModifiedFilter : it is applied after a Filter which enables you to ensure that the content of a resource is the same as the source (ResourceFilterResourceFilter). RemoveCookiesFilter : it is applied after a Filter which enables you to remove cookies associated to a request (for instance if you have J2EE cookies disabled). If-Modified-SinceFilter : it is applied after a Filter which enables you to force the client to reload the resource. This can be used as a request filter for situations like ETags, Last-Modified and If-None-Match. If-MatchFilter : it is applied after the If-Modified-SinceFilter (for instance if the client request an ETag or

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-Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 -1GHz dual core CPU (Intel Core 2 Duo, Core 2 Quad, Core i3, Core i5, Core i7) or better -2GB of RAM (3GB is recommended) -128MB of video RAM (256MB recommended) -A video card that supports OpenGL (NVIDIA GeForce 9 series and higher is recommended) -Internet connection -1024 x 768 display (or higher resolution)


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