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**Using Photoshop Elements 10 and Elements 11** Now it’s time to take the plunge and get to grips with this big, complex program. If you’ve used another version of Photoshop you’ll immediately find that Elements has slightly different ways of doing things. In Elements 11, the process to get started is to import, prepare, and open a file. To import a photograph, you click the Open button or go to File | Open. Navigate to the folder of the image you want to open, highlight the file(s) in the folder, and press Open. You can also go to File | Open and select a file, or drag a file into the window. In Elements 11, you can import JPEG files directly. The file format and quality setting for JPEG and other formats are selected on a separate menu, as shown in Figure 8-1. **Figure 8-1** The menu for importing JPEG files in Elements 11 After you’ve imported the file, you need to resize it. Right-click the image and choose either Resize or Resample from the menu. You can then adjust the size by using the Resize tool or the controls in the dialog box that opens. Now, you want to crop the image. You can create a custom crop with any of the shapes, guided by guides or straight edges, as discussed on the next page. To work with a guided crop, choose Crop from the menu and select one of the two types: * _Free Crop_ crops your image into a rectangular shape. You can adjust the dimensions and position of the crop on the image. * _Guided Crop_ crops the image based on a rectangular shape. You can select the bounding box using the rectangular tool, and use the Crop Tool to crop the image. If you select a straight line, it becomes the guide and guides appear on the image, as shown in Figure 8-2. Now, if you want a precise crop, you can drag the guides onto

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Every feature in Photoshop is also available in Photoshop Elements but at a limited level. Since Photoshop Elements works only on an image file, you cannot make photo edits such as corrections, retouching or special effects. Elements also cannot perform adjustment layer editing (where you make changes to specific parts of the image). You can work with editing modes (such as black-and-white, or various levels of grayscale) and layers. For professional photo work, you will need the full Photoshop program. What’s new Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 is the latest version of this software and is now available for Windows 7, Windows 8, and Mac OS X. This new release adds several new features to the software, including a new “Snapping” tool, Create Paint Bucket dialogs, new plus-calibre brushes and color templates, a new Sketch features, new real-time editing for real-time collaboration, and new tools for retouching and inks. This version also has support for the Photoshop Cloud Print service, new canvas and canvas templates, and the ability to insert textures into an image. If you plan to buy the program for use with the Adobe Creative Cloud, this version of Photoshop Elements automatically includes access to Adobe Stock and for unlimited access to thousands of high-quality images in the Creative Cloud. The new “Snapping” tool is especially useful for navigating and editing images. Users can right click on an object, point the cursor to a specific point and then click the Snap to Point tool. This feature makes it possible to move a selected object, or group of objects, to any predetermined coordinates. For example, if you want to move a group of objects to a specific position on the image, just click the Snap to Point tool and select an intersection point on the image; then when you drag the selection, the object will move to that point on the image. The various brush and pen tools After a few years with the professional version of Photoshop, Elements users are accustomed to a simplified interface. In previous versions of Photoshop Elements, you could click on the various brushes and pens in the tool palette and see the many brush and pen options available. With the new Elements release, the palette is now called the “Brush and Pen” palette. The palette contains the standard set of brushes and pens for Elements. You can select tools from the “Brush and 05a79cecff

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Life and death decision The decision between life and death of a patient is a highly stressful and emotionally charged one. All healthcare professionals find themselves often having to make this kind of decision, especially doctors. The Constitution has guaranteed equal access to health care to all citizens. Doctors’ work are to do with people. They are a bridge to the healing system. This is what we do. We can never prepare ourselves for a death and one day we will do it. Death is a reality, but it is one which we will all have to face at some stage. How we deal with it will greatly effect our lives. So how do we deal with this? Leo Goss Leo Goss is a practitioner of medicine for over 30 years and Professor of Palliative Medicine at the Royal Free and Royal London Hospitals. He is an internationally renowned palliative medicine expert and is also the author of Death: A Photographic Journey. “The experience of making a real decision, a decision for life or death, involves an extraordinary sense of certainty and uncertainty. It is a certainty that we cannot escape this decision. But if we are silent about it, even if we do not face up to the reality, it will have its own way of haunting us. But this is a memory we can carry with us always. It is a memory we can look back on when we feel this decision has been forced upon us. A decision for life or death is not a decision on a “what” or a “when”. It is a decision on the “how”. The challenge of facing up to the experience of death is one that everyone must face, whether they are patients or nurses, doctors or auxiliary palliative care nurses.” Leo Goss How does one make the decision? Death is never automatic, just the end result of the process. It is a real decision. You must decide to die or to live. It is what you choose to do with your life. How can I make this decision? How do you decide what is best for your patient? Or for your loved ones? This is the decision you must make. It is something you must decide. You can never predict the future, so you will never be able to say with certainty that there is one specific line of action to take. You must make a real

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Q: Is it possible to be unable to edit an answer which is accepted? I asked a question and accepted a certain answer. I’d like to change the content of the answer and accept it again. However, when I edit the content of the answer and click “edit”, I am not given the option to edit the answer. I can either edit the answer or accept it. Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong? A: From the help center: Accepting an answer is not meant to be a definitive and final statement … voting is actually the way the community decides which answer they think is the best. Simply put, you can’t change an answer that has been accepted. If you want to change it, you’ll have to do it by editing it and accepting it again. A: Normally, only moderators can unaccept answers. But, once it’s accepted, it’s locked for editing. To edit an accepted answer, you’ll first have to edit it and then accept it yourself. If you really really want to change it, edit it, then upvote it (so you have to accept it to get the bounty). Then, accept it again before it expires. Only when you accept it again, you can actually edit it. A: You accepted it for the purpose of being acknowledged that it is the right answer, which you can change your mind about at any time. So you can change your mind any time after the question was asked, and you can change it before it expires. Once it’s expired you cannot change it anymore, as it was accepted as it’s rightful answer before it expired and it would be thrown off the list of answers on the question. What happened to UK AmBfA? The list of councils for UK AmBfA is an excellent resource for those looking to find a local UK AmBfA. Councillor Geoff Wray is the current UK AMBfA Coordinator for the London Borough of Hounslow. AmBfA is the largest non-accredited member of the ASCA, and one of the most active (offering much more than most councils). A National committee (including three local councillors) is in place, chaired by Geoff Wray. The rules and procedures have been established to provide members with the opportunity to interact with potential UK and

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Windows 7, 8, or 10 64-bit DirectX 9.0c 2 GB RAM 1 GB hard drive space Max Hardware NVIDIA GTX Titan X NVIDIA GTX 1080 NVIDIA GTX 1060 NVIDIA GTX 980 Ti AMD Radeon RX 480 AMD RX 580 6GB System RAM Intel Core i7-4790 Intel Core i5-4590 Intel Core i7-3770 Intel Core i7-3820 Intel Core i7


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