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Staden Package was created as an accessible and fully developed set of DNA sequence assembly (Gap4 and Gap5), editing and analysis tools (Spin). Now you can make use of this handy tools from multiple platforms and assemble all your DNA sequences in no time at all.







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Gap4 assembles your sequences into contigs or scaffolds, and Gap5 opens and repairs contigs. Gap5 edits your sequences for gaps and discrepancies, checks the quality of your sequence data, and identifies and corrects errors. Staden Package Compatible with: Gap4 – for contigs Gap5 – for gap detection, correction and closing Spin: for assembling and comparing your sequence data (try it for free) Staden Package Manual: Documentation and help is available in the online version of Spin. Staden Package Version 1.0.0 1. Replace the “bin” directory of your version of Staden with the newest Staden. 2. Replace the “bin” directory of your version of Staden with the newest Staden. 3. Open a console window (Windows) or Command window (UNIX) and enter “spn”. 4. Enter “Read > and hit enter to open a file. 5. Enter the folder where you have stored your new Staden source code, usually it will be something like “/usr/local/bin/staden”. 6. Enter “Delete current spin projects and exit (Ctrl-x, y, z)”. 7. Enter “Read > and hit enter to open your new Staden package. 8. Enter “qwz”. 9. Enter “Manual: Wrote file to your projects folder”. 10. Enter “qw”. 11. Enter “qq”. 12. Enter “A to apply corrections with gap5, and continue to step (d). 13. Enter “B to open the pop-up screen and continue to step (e). 14. Enter “a to choose the Assembler tool for assembling the contig or scaffold. 15. Enter “b to choose the Contig Editor tool for editing the contig or scaffold. 16. Enter “x to finish running the new assembly and continue to step (e). 17. Enter “e to start the gap5 editing tool. 18. Enter “a” for a rightward or “leftward pair” and “r” for a leftward or “rightward pair”. 19. Enter “t” to add the sequence in the middle of the rightward pair. 20. Enter “C” to add the sequence to the left of the leftward pair. 21. Enter “D

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» GAP4 is an open source, object oriented, general purpose DNA assembly and editing application written using the Java language » GAP4 is for newbies and old-schoolers alike » GAP4 is a free software, 100% open source, free and libre software » GAP4 user interface has been designed in QT 4 and the standard layout (DG3 scheme, i.e. File > View > DG3) » GAP4 can be installed on Windows, Linux, Solaris and Mac OS X » GAP4 is cross platform » GAP4 is an object-oriented, open, free and libre software » GAP4 allows you to edit a sequence using the drag and drop technique » GAP4 can operate in fullscreen mode in some operating systems (e.g. Linux, MacOS X) » You can install GAP4 for free. There are paid versions which also include the useful servers Staden Server and Staden Server Express. » GAP4 runs on GNU/Linux, Solaris and Windows 2000 » GAP4 works with ANY sequence up to 500 MB length. GAP4 cannot work with DGV and other assembly formats supported by the other DNA assembler. » GAP4 supports an advanced sequence editor, up to 300 characters long and indentation » GAP4 supports a range of sequence assembly formats including FASTA/FASTQ » You can find a list of supported sequence assembly formats here » You can give a text file or URL as input for the GAP4, GAP4/Spin » In GAP4 you have all the functionality you need from a DNA assembly program » GAP4 features a powerful and easy-to-use sequence editor » You can make use of GAP4 tools and sequence assemblies with biological data sets » We suggest you to download the free version first and give feedback Staden Package Features: » The Gap4 input form can be embedded into websites » You can play a sound (e.g. “beep”), play a sequence from a text file, or from a web URL. » You can embed a web page into a web application to show a web page, or choose your own HTML to show a sequence » You can store GAP4 parameters for later use, such as sequence length, a G 2f7fe94e24

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Staden Package Features Assembly of DNA/RNA Sequences Editing of DNA/RNA Sequences Analyzing and Databasing of DNA/RNA Sequences Putridaya Dyazat Hargitasi Package Putridaya Dyazat Hargitasi Package was developed as a platform to provide a real time and simple analysis and editing environment for your sequences. So if you want to analysis your sequences as you type, there is an easier and more fun way to do that. Putridaya Dyazat Hargitasi Package Description: Putridaya Dyazat Hargitasi Features Edit and Analyze your sequences Graphical user interface to make it easier for you to manage your sequences Collect your sequences from a large number of documentations and libraries Setup multiple libraries for easy and efficient managment Object modules allowing you to read, import and export various formats of sequences Edit and Analyze your sequences Graphical user interface to make it easier for you to manage your sequencesInvolvement of ERK1/2 in the inhibitory effect of dimethyl sulfoxide on x-ray-induced chromosomal aberrations in rat bone marrow cells in vitro. The present study examines the effect of the sulphoxide metabolite of dimethyl sulfoxide, DMSO (3% v/v), on x-ray-induced chromosomal aberrations in the bone marrow cells of Wistar-Kyoto rats. The mitotic index of the cells and the frequency of chromosomal aberrations were determined before and after x-irradiation. It was found that DMSO decreased the mitotic index of the cells immediately after x-ray exposure and prevented aberrant mitosis as determined by cytokinesis arrest. The effect of DMSO on reducing aberrant mitosis appears to be due to prevention of radiation-induced apoptosis. The involvement of the mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) family in the protective effect of DMSO was examined. Inhibition of the p44/42-MAPK activity by UO126 abolished the reducing effect of DMSO on x-ray-induced chromosomal aberrations. The protein phosphorylation of p44/42-MAPK was activated within 10 min after x-ray exposure. The results suggest that DMSO affects the ability of the cells to repair damage to their DNA, leading to

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• Assembly and editing with fast paced Visual Sequence Editor • High quality editing of sequences • Gap4 and Gap5 files supported • Sequence file supported – FASTA, FASTQ, FASTQG, MS/MS, BAM, WIG, SOAP and much more • Compatibility with high speed or low speed internet connections • Ability to work with all platforms • Multiple platform tools • Editing and assembly support on all platforms • Editing and assembly in pseudo-HTML viewing on platforms like win32, Linux, MacOS X and more… • Supports for different types of sequences – nucleotide sequences (DNA, RNA) and protein sequences (Protein, Peptide) • DnaSeq and Editseq sub-projects • Stability of Graphic Sequence Editor • R, C++, Java, Python and other Application Programming Interface (API) support • Useful for beginners and advanced users FILED NOT FOR PUBLICATION APR 18 2010 MOLLY C. DWYER, CLERK UNITED STATES COURT OF APPEALS U.S. C O U R T OF APPE ALS

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