Stereoscopic Player 1.9.3 64 Bit LINK


Stereoscopic Player 1.9.3 64 Bit

the 3d effect made by this player is very impressive. the gui will not let you down and is very much user friendly. it is capable of playing many formats like 3d flv, 3d mp4, 3d mkv, 3d avi, 3d mp3, 3d mov, 3d quick time and many more. after installing, this freeware video player is ready to serve you with 3d content in better resolution that any other tool can offer.

this video player software tool provides the most user friendly interface for 3d media playbacks. the selection of multimon players including 3d or 2d is quite refreshing and its compact format makes it more portable.

3d player is a great free 3d video player that can play almost all available formats like avi, 3d mxf, 3d mp4, 3d mkv, 3d mp3, 3d quick time, 3d jpeg. it does not only support multimon player but also encodes your favorite 3d movies into multimon player so that you can enjoy it wherever you are. best part is you can even convert your anaglyph version of 3d content into red and blue using this tool.

if you are all around the web, you will surely come across different media players for watching movies and watching videos. so, if you want a 3d video player that is best suited for mobile devices, you must install 3d player on your mobile phone and enjoy watching your favorite 3d movies on portable devices. it is fully compatible with every mobile platform like android, ios, windows, windows phone and so on.

this is the 3d free video player that can be used for streaming as well as downloads. it can play 2d as well as 3d videos. this is the best video player with easy installation and few customizable options.

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