Sylenth Cracked By Team Arcade [PORTABLE]


Sylenth Cracked By Team Arcade

If youre so concerned with the publicity Team Arcade is getting, take that shit up with Paul, & other journalists making a mountain out of this mole hill.
The fact that youre suggesting his legit, paid-for license does not factor into the equation blows my mind.
Using your logic, Dr. Dre should be in jail for murder. He rapped about it, he made it cool. He quacked like a murderer & walked like a murderer. Right
If your definition of piracy is downloading cracked software, your definition is fucked. Piracy HINGES on the word unauthorized (look it up), & Aoki is authorized to use the software.

So many unanswered questions here. For example, what legal recourse can Lennar Digital take, against Aoki and Linkin Park, for that matter
The evidence would have to be argued (despite the clip), though here you have a song created for commercial profit created with illegal, cracked software.

I dont know why whoever you think your talking to with that pic is so angry. Team Arcade has no control over your purchase. Want to hack your product to make it better? great! Not their problem.

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