The Best Mature Dating Sites in the UK

The idea of finding a new romantic interest is exciting, but it can also be overwhelming. This is the first time you’ve had to create a whole dating profile—you’ve spent weeks figuring out your ideal job, hobbies, values, and more, and now you have to apply them to your dating profile as well. And the act of creating an online dating profile is an entirely new skill to master. If you’ve never been on a dating site, all of this can seem pretty crazy. But the good news is that it’s not hard if you break it down into bite-sized chunks—from choosing your words and pictures, to interviewing yourself with the Ten Questions Every Self-Assessment Tool You Need to Know. After that, the rest is only brain power (and a little practice). Dating profiles are probably the most basic process for any online dating site, but they can also be the most frustrating. Your goal: to attract the attention of someone you’re interested in. Below, we’ve created a thorough guide to the world of online dating that will get you from on-site to successful, and will show you how to make your dating profile the best it can be (or at least, how to make the most of it). Step 1: Write a good message. First, learn to use the most appropriate pick-up lines for the person you’re writing to. No-nonsense dating site, for instance, suggests you try “My cat ate my homework” and “Hey, let’s go into that barn.” Since the goal is to show interest, not to find Mr. or Ms. Right, it’s best to keep things simple and interesting: “So cute! Where did you get your eye color?” “I’ve always dreamed of being your gynecologist.” “I’m looking for a book.” “What’s your favorite animal?” You can use a sentence like any others you might use when writing an e-mail, or in person, but for dating sites, it’s important to stick with online dating lingo. If you write a good enough e-mail or text, you’ll probably get a response back—but if your words don’t have the desired effect, it won’t matter. Your words may even make the person in question think twice about responding. Step 2: Write a good profile. Don’t fret if your profile doesn’t perfectly match your real-life self; just the idea of creating it will be enough
We’re talking about the five best apps, mostly iPhone-only apps, to find a new relationship, start a conversation, or to meet a new someone. Most of these apps can be found in your iPhone’s App Store, and if you don’t have an iPhone you can use your Android phone and access the site by downloading the apps listed below (Mobile Opera, a free iPhone app for Windows Phone and Android). Also, check out our full backgrounder to get the lowdown on dating apps and resources. These apps give you access to a pretty wide pool of potential partners, which means you can get to know someone within an hour or two, get to know someone better over time, and even make that initial connection while still in the comfort of your own home. When you’ve exhausted all the apps below, you can always pick the brains of our resident relationship experts. If you’ve got any solid advice for dating apps for iPhone, drop it in the comments. Updated, July 2014 The Unofficial Best Dating Apps for iPhone 1. Bumble Details: Bumble is a bit of a game, but it is a game with a serious purpose: getting to know people. It’s how most people meet these days, and Bumble is an iPhone app that allows you to take the guesswork out of online dating. If you swipe up on a guy’s photo, Bumble will try to match you with him first. If he chimes in with “interested,” you can start chatting. If he asks you to go on a date, that’s where you swipe up on him. If he doesn’t ask, your Bumble data is destroyed. The idea is to find guys you’d like to get to know more. What’s good about Bumble: Bumble is optimized for the iPhone experience, but also works well on most Android phones. It has a good selection of features that make Bumble different from the rest of the games. If you’re looking to meet someone, Bumble is worth checking out. What’s bad about Bumble: It can be hard to get people to talk to you unless you make yourself “more attractive” than the other guys. There are a lot of guys on Bumble, and if they aren’t interested in you, you’re out of luck. I don’t think the method of “swipe-up” is ideal. It can also seem a bit creepy, unless you are comfortable with your appearance and


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