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In the year 2066, the Time Window has been invented. It enables humans to travel in time, undoing countless million years of history for the people of Earth. Now, at a secret research facility somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, Rose (a young redheaded girl) and Kyo (a somewhat younger blue-haired girl with cat ears) are on a mission to travel into the past. The commander and operations manager here, Tensai Shiro, has entrusted this time-slaying mission to the two of them. But as they spend more time with Shiro, are Rose and Kyo becoming more and more entranced by him? Could there be something more? ===LINE-UP=== ===PLOT PROMPTS=== Rose Kyo Tensai Shiro Michelle ======= “Do you want to go back in time? That’s fine with me!” ======= “I could spend some time with him, but the girls here are just so unsightly.” ======= “If only I had a chance to see his good looks and all.” ======= “The girls from his past look good, but they sure do have a lot of experience.” ======= “I can’t stand that bitching.” ======= “I don’t want to mess up with what should be done!” ======= “If I didn’t have this stress, my fingers would be right around Shiro’s throat!” ======= “He’s just a man, after all!” ======= “I will be going back home, but I can’t wait to tell everyone about this case!” ======= “If only there were some way to get them to spare a thought or two for us!” ======= “Yeah, time travel is quite something! Who’d want to go back in time and not have any fun doing it?!” ======= “I’m so jealous.” ======= “This is a perfect opportunity to revenge myself! Let me go back to my past, get the girls and have some fun!” ======= “No one else could know what I was doing in my past.” ======= “It’s fine, they’re all too unsightly anyway.” ======= “I don’t care if it gets out that I ran into my past!” ======= “I never knew that this would happen when I was


Time Tenshi (2015) Features Key:

  • very compatible windows win with 64-bit lang
  • Diferent dialogue interface (vs) them in 3D world
  • interact once can may battle
  • control the robot-like ball to attack enemy robot
  • constantly watch progress by statistics and graphics
  • more fun diffirent and exciting dialogue
  • excellent retro-style and nostalgia


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Based on a manga series written by Shinichi Sada, the inventive and comedic story of the anime version will capture your heart with its thrilling twists and turns as you unravel the mystery behind the Time Window. Free Romance, Free Science Fiction! — — — Anime Spotlights: Manga Spotlights: Retrospective (Old Anime): Free Manga: — — — If you want to see any of my work in progress, here are some links: Tumblr: >Release Date: August 2, 2015 >Category: Drama, Supernatural, Sci-Fi >Price: 8,000 yen (tax excluded) >Genres: Drama, Supernatural, Sci-Fi >Adaptation: Sentai Filmworks >Studio: FUNimation Entertainment >Directors: Zac Carlson, Karen Carlson >Synopsis: The day after her father mysteriously vanished, Yuki returns home, only to discover a set of keys jangling from behind the door. As she tries to put together the pieces of the cryptic clues her father has left her, she begins to realize that she’s become the target of the most dangerous being she’s ever encountered. When she opens the door, she quickly realizes that these keys aren’t just a set of keys. You will help the Eight Guardians, ancient and powerful beings, take down a serial killer in this exciting and supernatural thriller! Characteristic — — — About The Game: The saga of the Guardians of the Gate begins. Three girls travel back in time to help the Guardians stop the serial murderer they once caught, but for some reason, he escapes before they can. The girls follow the clues hidden in their father’s journal to find the 8 Guardians in a mountain. The girls battle a creature called “The Scarecrow” and his boss, “The Grinner” until the mastermind, “The Dad”, is apprehended. The girls finally help the Guardians take him down and go their separate ways. — — — Features: Features The Gates The Gates are gates that do not appear anywhere in the world. It’s said they were formed by the most advanced technology d41b202975


Time Tenshi (2015) With Full Keygen Download [Win/Mac]

Choose your girl and enjoy a hilarious story of science and time travel! ❤Beautiful girls with massive boobs, very popular players, comedy and ecchi… you won’t find something like this anywhere else! ❤Very nice and graphically unique anime/ecchi visual novel experience! ❤Enjoyable dialogue and funny and fun mini games! ❤Easy to learn but hard to master! ❤Easy to play but difficult to master! ❤The questions and choices you make will dictate the characters’ path to true love! ❤Become a hero for the girls of today and save the world! ❤Sexy outfits, sexy gameplay, sexy fun! ❤The more people play, the more fun there will be! ❤The game features the following story routes and more! ❤The story routes the player can choose from are: Timeless Castle, School Life, Butterfly and Black and White. ❤Moreover the game features a unique day/night time system. ❤Choose from a variety of times to unlock even more story options. ❤Enjoy the plot, the characters and most importantly the graphics in this awesome anime/ecchi visual novel! ❤The very thorough manual will help you get started! ❤The small support community will help in your adventure! The story. The hero of the story is Rose, who was about to go to her highschool. But, when she gets there, she’s not like any other student. Instead she meets Kyo, who is the sports teacher, and loves the time traveller Rose. He explains to Rose that she needs to use the Time Window to go to the past to stop a wrong happening. He then explains that the past is not like the present and things aren’t always how they seem. Rose is uneasy with the idea and storms out of the school. The next thing she knows is that she’s in a spaceship. Kyo tries to explain what has happened, but she’s just too mad and confused. Rose decides to spend time in the day room, but she finds that she doesn’t feel comfortable. She seems to be getting a little dizzy, and black and white images are flitting around her. She soon finds herself in a familiar place but it’s not like she remembers. The place is a school she only ever dreamed of. And to top it all, she has a face she doesn’t recognize. She looks around confused and


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