TomTom Maps Of Western Europe 1GB 960 48 ##VERIFIED##

TomTom Maps Of Western Europe 1GB 960 48 ##VERIFIED##

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TomTom Maps Of Western Europe 1GB 960 48

so it’s taking a while, but i am now the proud owner of a fenix 5s plus. it was less than 50 miles from ordering to receiving it, i was not charged for any shipping. it took a week to get here and it was wrapped for the road for 2 days. i got a simple grey box with the fenix 5s plus written on it. still not allowed to post the picture. i opened the box, it was wrapped in plastic so i could see the brand. the box has a fresh new unwrap on it and is waterproof. now i can post a picture.

i am happy to finally get rid of the fenix 5s (which is not easy for me). it’s been a great watch, but i can’t seem to get the maps working properly on it. not able to find people who also have issues with their fenix 5s. it looks like most people are more or less happy with theirs, but i can’t find many negative reviews on the product itself.
i am now considering the fenix 5s plus.
i already asked for a refund on the old watch when i was about to sell it and now i’m considering the plus. the thing is, it doesn’t look like the firmware of the plus works with my fenix 5s. it says it requires “v41” firmware (needs gps?) and my fenix 5s is v40.
do you think the plus will work with my fenix 5s as it is? i would prefer to use the new maps as i get better ratings for the areas i mostly use my watch on. note that i would prefer the fenix 3, but i’m pretty sure i could never sell it again. that would require a refund, and i don’t want to go through that if it’s not really necessary.
i would really appreciate the advice from you as a guy who has an extensive experience with the watches.

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