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Possible Facing a friend or relative die, divorce, job loss, an unwanted pregnancy, a death in the family. Or how about the prospect of choosing a life partner? There’s a reason why the dating app market is booming. Another great aspect of Tinder is that the majority of men and women are looking for fun, not love. “Sex was always in the back of my mind, but the focus of the app really put me in a mindset where I had the luxury of nothing,” says Erica, 24. But whether that actually translates into casual sex at this point in her life isn’t clear. “I don’t have sex with everyone who shows up on Tinder, so it’s not that I have casual sex,” she says. “It’s not even a question of, ‘Do I want to go home with this person?’ I just think, ‘It’s not that big of a deal.’ ” For casual sex, while it is short-lived, to be caught up in a hookup, and not in a relationship is all part of the exciting challenge and satisfaction of meeting someone new. If you’re reading this, there’s a fairly good chance that you have the potential to be a great sex partner. As a woman, it’s also possible that you’re curious about casual sex — and you just haven’t found the right guy or partner yet.But it seems like there are two types of women in the casual sex world: Those who expect sex to just fall into their laps, and those who seek it out. Some girls just expect that it’s something that happens by default, because there’s a demand out there and they’re available. The hookup app is a great way to connect with casual sex seekers. With Tinder and others you can view the number of swipes on a profile and you can join a match on the same app and quickly hook up. Here’s the problem: If you’re reading this, there’s a pretty good chance that you’re not ready for casual sex. And that’s OK. It’s totally OK to want to get into a romantic relationship. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to know your better half isn’t going to simply fall into your lap the next time you meet someone new.This experience with casual sex is valuable if you
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Turns out, we just weren’t putting in enough work. Consider this an open message to all the people who missed out on the fun (and joy) of getting boned up by people they care about. Casual sex is nothing but a beautiful, simple, and environmentally sustainable way to spice up your relationship. No partners required. Earlier this year, the BBC released a three-part documentary called Casual Sex, which delves into the topic more deeply than I did, and it provides great insights into what causes and effects casual sex, how it affects various groups of people, and what the simple future holds for this growing trend in dating. It might just mean spending quality time together, participating in fun activities (like a game of strip billiards or dress up) or even having sex with someone you care about. But before you hop on the casual sex bandwagon, there are a few things to consider. If you want to take this relationship to the next level, a post-hookup mantra that you might want to adopt is “casual sex is your best relationship sex.” This means you’ll actually be having better sex as a couple than you would have by staying in an emotionally turbulent relationship with someone you don’t really care about (or can’t, for that matter). The Law of Reciprocity. Casual sex does not only affect your relationship, it also affects your entire dating life. Yep, you read that correctly. Having casual sex means you now have casual access to other people — including guys with awesome abs. It also means if you find a new, attractive guy who you want to date, you might not have to play the “second best game” of chasing after the hottest guy on the planet. When you say “but I already like him,” you just might be overthinking it. Casual sex can be a way to find a lot of opportunities to be sexy with someone you don’t necessarily want to take a serious relationship with. When it comes to finding better sex, give yourself an advantage and show off your best side by having casual sex with new people. Most of the time, casual sex feels great, but it might not come without a catch. When it comes to sex with someone who you don’t truly care for, meeting in person seems to be the ultimate test (for many people). Putting too much time into casual sex can be really unfulfilling. But that doesn’t mean that most casual sex is bad for you. If you do it in


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