Verdin Singing Tower Manual

Verdin Singing Tower Manual

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Verdin Singing Tower Manual

every sunday morning the bells ring for an hour or so to mark the start of the service, but occasionally, they ring continuously for a period of time. the sound is very loud and reverberates around the tower causing it to vibrate and make a loud ticking noise. this type of noise can be annoying to the church members and visitors and can also distract the staff from their job. the staff finds it necessary to cover the bells with a cotton cloth or bag to stop the noise.

the church is located in a beautiful setting in the suburbs of atlanta. the sanctuary is located in the center of the church with a tall tower at the front of the sanctuary that extends beyond the roof of the church itself. the tower, topped with its bell, is open at the top and is surrounded by a large, open courtyard. the main sanctuary is completed by a balcony, located on the north side of the sanctuary, which overlooks the sanctuary. the bell is located in the tower, at the southwest corner of the tower. there is another bell hanging in the tower, but it is not used.

in july 1927, a letter from the skinner organ company responds to a desire from the church to enlarge the organ from a three-manual to a four-manual instrument, adding another department of stops. the addition and enlarged console were contracted for in november 1927. as the back portion of the overly large tower organ chamber had been walled in, another location for this additional new section had to be found. this new solo section, located in a chamber on the north side of the choir above the working sacristy, would certainly add tremendously to the effectiveness of the result stated w. e. zeuch, skinners second vice president. the organ of 46 stops over four-manuals and pedal was installed by the end of the year 1927.



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