Waaris Shah Ishq Da Waaris Video 720p Hd

Waaris Shah Ishq Da Waaris Video 720p Hd

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Waaris Shah Ishq Da Waaris Video 720p Hd

waris shah captures heer alive as she rides a horse and goes for a trek in the jungle, her hair braided and with the open upper garment. her breasts shaped like a woman bursting to new blossoming of beauty, the lust in her eyes is for no one but a ferocious gurbani. she even caresses the heroic gurdas maan, like a flower thirsty for water. waris shah describes heer with imagery that would overpower even the wisest of poets. he ends with the note, heer would not bow down to anybody who is not her guru.

tagging yeh gosht – a dialog coined by waris as observed in a skinned tiger, seems to be the best description of heer, the hunted. it is as if she has been taken away from punjab and marked by the tag of cowardice. waris shah finally makes it clear to her and punjab that heer is not a coward. it is her pledge that she can never run away from them. she is only the victim of pride and deafness to their dulha.

waris shah was born into a mughal family in 1747 in punjab. he was a very close confidant and companion of two emperors of the mughal dynasty, emperor shah alam ii and emperor muhammad shah. after the collapse of the mughal dynasty, waris shah migrated to sindh, and then later to persia. waris shah is one of the most prominent poets in urdu. he is the author of more than 400 poems. he also wrote dramas in persian and urdu.

waris shah’s poems are considered among the finest works of urdu literature. his poetry collection, masnavi, is a must read for the urdu students. his masnavi translated by william c. boyd has more than 8 million words. another collection of his poems, mujnama, is being translated into the world. this will be published as an urdu to english translation. waris shah was also awarded the title ‘shaikh-e-inqelab’ (seer of poetry).


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