Win Episcope 2 0 VERIFIED Download

Win Episcope 2 0 VERIFIED Download

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Win Episcope 2 0 Download

N2 – Recent changes in veterinary medicine have required quantitative epidemiological techniques for designing field surveys, identifying risk factors for multifactorial diseases, and assessing diagnostic tests. Several relevant techniques are brought together in the package of veterinary epidemiological computer software, WIN EPISCOPE 2.0, described in this paper. It is based on Microsoft Windows and includes modules for the design and analysis of field surveys, control campaigns and observational studies, and a simple mathematical model. It provides comprehensive ‘Help’ screens and should therefore be useful not only in field investigations but also for teaching veterinary epidemiology. Win Episcope 2.0 is, however, very attractive and allows for a comprehensive selection of epidemiological tools: Design and analysis of field surveys; Identification of risk factors; Control campaigns; and Observational studies. Detailed information is provided with regard to the epidemiological techniques used. The data sets that can be chosen for analysis are described. Windows based Win Episcope 2.0 is relatively easy to use, and provides for a precise and well-organized collection of epidemiological tools. It is freely available at .

Win Episcope 2.0 is a free program aimed at a veterinary or medical epidemiology user. It offers a number of tools for the design and analysis of field surveys. This overview was prepared by Dr. Christine Anne Lynch, University of Newcastle, UK.

Genome wide methylation: Individual data Individual methylation data (450k array) selection of 60 5 yr old children equal number boys & girls equal number DHA & placebo Study is still blinded Analysis: Unsupervised clustering of individuals (PCA) Most variable sites/regions Method: Kernel density estimator EpiSCOPE science meeting April 2013 Susan van Dijk



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