Windows Loader 4.9.7 EXCLUSIVE

Windows Loader 4.9.7 EXCLUSIVE


Windows Loader 4.9.7

i have a laptop with the windows 10 installed. in one of my best friends they used the windows loader 4.9.7. after that i was so frustrated that i couldn’t do anything in my windows. all the windows are not working, i can’t open the power options, and some windows like the task manager, etc. i tried to fix this problem by other ways too, but i didn’t get success. i can’t open the windows options. in order to change the power options i need to reboot the computer.

the other day i updated windows from 10 to 1803. i am not sure if it was a mistake or what. now my windows loader is missing. i do not know how to get it back. i tried to search the internet, but i didn’t get any answer. i also tried to go into the windows loader folder and to move it back, but it is not there. i tried to update it, but it is not working.

i have a dell laptop with windows 10 installed. i have been using this machine for years and it was working fine. yesterday i decided to update it and it was going well but then it told me that there was an update for microsoft windows 10. i accepted the update and it finished, but then the computer was acting weird. everything was so slow. i tried to check the update and it said it was successful, but i could not see any difference and i could not check the latest updates. i tried to install some programs and they would not work, i tried to open programs and all of the sudden it would be closed. i tried to restart it and it would not boot. i even tried to repair it and the option to repair the windows was not there. i tried to see if the wifi was working and it was not. now i can not get in to any of my programs. i tried to boot into safe mode and it was not working. i even tried to boot into windows 7 and it did not work. i tried to search the internet to find a fix for my problem, but no luck. i have tried to search for any updates, but i cannot find any.



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