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A: Check this documentation In this page is available a VSTi tool: Just install the vst and after that go to activation window: Then just import your Autodesk account and click on Start Scan. You will find your activation code. Hope this help. 1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to a shock absorbing material and to the process for the production thereof. 2. Description of Related Art In recent years, the increase in needs for safety of industrial, domestic and transportation equipment has required to produce very sturdy shock absorbing material, from which the shock absorbing material can advantageously be applied to shock absorbing members, such as structures, furniture, and structures, as well as some machines. The reinforcing fibers, synthetic resin and additives, which are used in the traditional shock absorbing materials, are effective in heightening the reinforcing power. However, it is difficult to attain a considerably well-balanced property, that is, properties such as good shock absorbing power and good reinforcing power. As a countermeasure, it is desired to develop a shock absorbing material, the reinforcing power of which is able to be balanced with the shock absorbing power. In a great number of the conventional shock absorbing material, high-strength fibers, such as a glass fiber, a carbon fiber, etc., or a urethane resin, or a melamine resin, etc., are contained as high-strength reinforcing fibers. In recent years, resin bonding as a kind of another reinforcing material for use in the shock absorbing materials has been developed. Namely, the resin bonding is formed by bonding a high-strength resin and a rubber-like elastic resin (c) to a reinforcing material (a) formed with strands of long fibers as shown in FIG. 14. The resin bonding is effective in weight reduction of the shock absorbing material and in recovery of energy. However, it is difficult to achieve a considerably well-balanced property in terms of strength and shock absorbing power. Namely, in order to achieve the balance between the both performances, it is required to make high a strength of the high-strength fibers included in the resin bonding. Therefore, it is required to make the thickness of the high-strength fibers, including the resin bonding, sufficiently thick, thereby making it difficult to


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