Mission Statement

“We provide an environment in which all children are supported to reach their full potential.”


Childcare involves the holistic development of children including their social, emotional and physical development. High quality childcare centres involve children in a well planned daily program which consists of cooking, crafts, creative arts, gardening, puppet shows, dressing up, painting, outings, storytelling and outdoor activities. During the hot summer days the children should have the opportunity to play in fresh water pools under protective canopies of an outdoor area. With such a varied program, everyday children are learning something new with planned and purposeful activities which provide opportunities for teaching and learning, both indoors and outdoors.

Our aim is to meet all children’s needs by providing high quality childcare within a warm, friendly, secure and stimulating atmosphere. All children and families are treated equally regardless of race, gender, ethnicity or disability. We believe in an individual approach, enabling all children to develop and grow at their own pace. Good interaction between staff, parents and children, helps to each child’s happiness and stability both at home and in the Childcare Centre. A daily routine is carefully planned to ensure that all children have the opportunity to develop through play. Children are divided into separate areas according to different age groups, partly so that babies are not disturbed by our active toddlers and also because there are different carer to child ratios according to the age of children.

It is our policy to respect the individuality of all children and adults involved in our service and to promote positive attitudes to differences of culture, race, gender, language, financial circumstance or membership of a minority group.