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Titanic II: Adventure Onboard is a very interesting Hidden Object game with a lot of puzzles to solve. A bomb was hidden aboard the Titanic II, a replica of the famous cruise ship. You are the sole person who can find where the bomb is concealed. Discover the places where the bomb is hidden by solving various puzzles and discovering diary entries, written by real people who shared their stories of the doomed ship and the terrible events that happened on board. Search for hidden objects among original locations on board of the ship, including the grand dining room, the Turkish bath, the bar, the fitness room, and many more. Search for hidden objects among the treasures left by these historical characters – among their personal diaries and memoirs and letters written to their loved ones before the ship set off to sea. Solve a century old mystery and save the ship and the passengers! Game features: – A newly created game engine that greatly improves the gameplay and makes the game run even smoother – 3D graphics with high resolution – Atmospheric sound and music – Exciting puzzles with a lot of hidden object and match 3 mini games – History from the Titanic II to discover and save the passengers – All 11 original locations, plus many more – An in-game hint system for the most challenging puzzles – An innovative inventory system with a list of items that are waiting to be discovered – A number of achievements to unlock Game elements: – Newly created 3D graphics with high resolution – Atmospheric sound and music – Exciting puzzles with a lot of hidden object and match 3 mini games – Hidden diary entries to search for and make the game even more challenging – A number of achievements to unlock – An innovative inventory system with a list of items that are waiting to be discovered Game play instructions: – Complete puzzles by moving the object to the indicated spot and clicking on it. The objects will disappear automatically only when they are placed on the spot. – Use the inventory system with a list of items to find, by clicking on the objects. Items are placed on the indicated spot if they are available there. – Some puzzles contain several items that can be found using different methods. Game Controls: – High definition graphics – Light and dark levels – Hint system – High definition 3D soundtrack – Full screen – List of items to find – Use hint system – Softcore and Fullscreen modes. Those who enjoyed puzzling in The Da Vin


Download ⚹⚹⚹ DOWNLOAD

Download ⚹⚹⚹ DOWNLOAD

1912 Titanic Mystery Features Key:

  • Play by selecting an incorrect answer (Click on yes answer if you want to give the game #1 chance to provide an answer and then uncheck it.
  • Use 3 different time solving intervals for the game (10,30 or 60 Seconds) and try to solve the questions at each interval.
  • This game will give the player #3 chance to either provide an answer, reinstate a previous incorrect answer, or loose.
  • 1912 Titanic Mystery end game conditions:

    • The game is played for as long as the question being asked.
    • At the end of the game, the player can either provide an answer,
    • If an answer was provided then the player will lose, Else the player will win the prize in the same lottery time period.

    1912 Titanic Mystery rules:

    • The Questions might not be in the same order as the game was played.
    • You can play or enjoy the game by following the above introduction logic.
    • One can skip (uncheck) any question he/she wants and try to solve at any point of time.

    1912 Titanic Mystery background:

    • By clicking on the Play icon above, you can start the game!

    1912 Titanic Mystery all the Best!


    1912 Titanic Mystery PC/Windows

    You are the sole person who can find where the bomb is concealed. Save the ship, and all aboard, during its maiden voyage across the Atlantic. Solve a century-old mystery and save the ship and all aboard! Features of The Game 1912 Titanic Mystery: • An historical puzzle-story game set in the original ship • High-quality animation and 3D graphics • Original high-quality music • Various enjoyable puzzles with amazing logic • Original location and onboard the Titanic II • Detailed puzzles to solve and a great story to enjoy.A screen shot of Kyonko about to explode with excitement. I just got the goods from Japan today… not much but what I’ve been expecting of late… M&M Minis at a decent price point, a brand new Kyonko PBT mini-gun, I was also lucky enough to get this J-Band at a decent price, and finally, this. Now you may think I’m being too tough on these weapons…. I don’t think so, you may be thinking, these are pretty much replicas, but here’s the deal, it’s got a huge ‘Titan Vertex Charging’ or ‘Vertex-Charger’ or something like that as the name implies it charges your weapon, but here’s the deal, it’s not included in the box, you have to buy it separately, now I already have one of those and I don’t see the point of buying it again, now what is important is that it’s not cheap, it’s a bit pricey, but if it works as advertised, which it should, then it’s totally worth the price. I think the good thing about Kyonko is that they take initiative to find ways to improve their products, and this is exactly what they’ve done to their PBT weapons, they changed the way it’s molded, what’s cool is that they tweaked this not just for PBT but for MOW, also it’s molded with a laser mark, so it’s really cool stuff. These are meant to be small and compact to fit anywhere you want, so that’s what they’ve done to it by making it small yet reliable and powerful. I can’t wait to try it out… although the first shot should be on a charging station or something to test it out on, but it’s just a pity it’s not included in the box… The Kyonko club is certainly alive and well here d41b202975


    1912 Titanic Mystery PC/Windows [2022]

    From the publisher: Experience the thrill of this pioneering adventure! Titanic Mystery is a clever new Hidden Object game in which you take on the role of an international detective. Your goal is to solve a mysterious and exciting case that relates to the Titanic legend. You play as one of two detectives who are sent to the famous ship to investigate the mysterious death of the ship’s captain, Robert Hichens. The ship is scheduled to depart on its maiden voyage on the very next day. The ship’s enigmatic passenger is uncooperative, but one of your colleagues has a shocking new lead. What is the connection between the captain’s mysterious death and the mysterious passenger? Will you uncover all of the secrets of the legendary Titanic before it sinks? In order to save the passengers and the ship, you must find where the bomb is hidden! The bomb is hidden somewhere on the famous ship. You must find the bomb quickly. To do so, search for clues and use items, but beware of the monsters on board! The ship is in danger! Features: • A high-quality game using 2D-graphics and full-screen window mode.• A fantastic storyline that draws on the Titanic legend and its mystery.• More than 30 captivating mini-games that will entertain you throughout the game.• Original locations inspired by the ship’s deck and engine room.• Different difficulty levels to suit all ages.• Free game updates!• A spoiler button to protect you from being surprised by hidden details in the story!• High-quality music and sound effects. Important notice: • All the images and contents included in the game are copyrighted by their respective owners and are only used here for the purpose of this game.• The game does not cover and/or include plot details related to the Titanic Disaster.• The game contains high-quality, but some of the minigames may contain nudity, violence or gory images.• The game contains links to several websites, such as Amazon.com, iTunes Store, and the Disney Store. Those links may help you purchase items from those websites.• The game contains a few references to the Titanic Disaster.• The game contains content that may be considered offensive to certain individuals. It is not recommended for children. DISCLAIMER: The content and characters contained within this application are not affiliated with, endorsed by, or sponsored by the owners of the characters, the producers, or the copyright holders for


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