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Ever wonder if you’re born to fail? Ever wondered if you should maybe be more like your cousin? Ever wonder what the future holds? Ever wonder if you’re insane? This is the world you’ve been confined to. This is Abermore. The calm. The empty. The sterile. This is your life now. Abermore is a collection of 10 short stories. Each narrated by a resident of the storied mental hospital where you find yourself. The residents: Mr. Acid, who has embraced his illness, and has become an expert on how to survive in the basement; Francesco, The Saint, a man of good intentions, but one who is often blind to what he’s supposed to do; Mr. Green, a recluse who has let his neighbors contribute to his need for care; The Lady, the gem of Abermore, who has had many servants and no need to spend to her power; Mr. Billy the Horseman, who lives off of the misfortunes of others; Mr. Doolittle, who is the head of the basement staff, and who is an expert on conservation and the misfortunes of others; Mrs. Sinister, the widow of an alcoholic; Professor Featheredman, who lives in a world of his own making; and Mr. Hooke, who has already left his life behind and is dying of new and more interesting disease every day. Abermore is a story of life, of nature, of the madness of the human condition, and the art of survival. It is not what you think. A story of friendship, of joy, of color, and life – You also play as the residents of the nearby towns, and as your fellow patients in the asylum. Play as the hospital staff, and your fellow inmate. Enjoy a mix of lighthearted musical entertainment and novel storytelling. For some, sadness and horror will be the norm, but for others, a new and harsh reality awaits. Abermore is a multi-award winning and nominated creative work of meta-fiction from the mind of Bruce Chadwick. You have been patient. Abermore is your time. Key Features: Classic Horror as well as Character-driven Horror Finger Food Horror Strange music and physics in each story New unique effects and visuals


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    Abermore is an RPG, where you will find yourself in the corridors of a claustrophobic school for high school students. Your main goal in Abermore will be to make friends. Through events, stories, and social events at school, you can achieve this. Main features: – The game has a minimalist yet colorful aesthetic. – Many social interactions with other player characters. – Theme music composed specifically for this game. – Game over screens composed especially for this game. – Many custom-designed graphics and sound-designs. – Many powerful healing items to restore your health. – Use of various storytelling systems. – Story focused and dynamic RPG systems. – Many sidequests with different goals. – Support for savegames and autosaves. – A high degree of focus on player control. – A high degree of story involvement. Music in Abermore: Music in Abermore has been designed and implemented by Tom Huseby Music in Abermore was composed and recorded over a period of five years. Music in Abermore covers a wide range of musical styles from Synthwave, to Horrorcore, to atonal jazz and futuristic pop. The Synthwave, Horrorcore and Jazz tracks are tracks that will have their own sections listed as separate tracks, each with their own unique qualities that I have taken from music I have been listening to in regards to their musical style. A number of the atonal tracks are music I have created to use as a contrast to the music that is being played, and as the mood of the piece fluctuates. The Music in Abermore soundtrack is not pre-determined and is created by the player for the player. Etymology: Abermore is a Scottish or Scottish lowland word meaning ‘hill farm’. I created the name Abermore as I felt that the word was very poetic, however I wanted to keep the word Aber and make Abermore unique to itself, but also distinct. For those curious, the original Scottish pronunciation is: “Erm-ro-Maire” The character Aber is a reference to the Scottish abbot and martyr, St. Aber from the Aberfoyle region of Scotland. Aber is the Gaelic term for a valley, and more specifically a valley between two hills (or mountains). The hill of Aberfoyle, for example, is home to Aberfoyle village, and d41b202975


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    – Reticulate warily abandons his jungle base to roam the poisoned volcanic mountains of Abermore. In the perverse place he finds a child as severely defective as he is. Abermore is a place of twisted bodies and the rules only a mad man could manipulate. Abermore is a game in which players must dominate one another as they struggle to manipulate their own bodies and control their time in a war game in which there is only one victor. – Players will build a society from the broken remnants of Abermore. The result will either be a smile or a cackle. Abermore is a game in which players will struggle to manipulate their own bodies and control their time in a war game in which there is only one victor. Abermore’s soundtrack is a product of 5 years of experimentation and strife. Soundtrack: The soundtrack for Abermore include a combination of unhinged organs, synths, disformed instruments and driving percussion. A product of 5 years of experimentation and strife. A sound of destruction, survival and becoming. It is this struggle, conflict and tension that Abermore is known for. It’s the struggle for dominance and control that creates tension. Abermore is a game in which players must dominate one another as they struggle to manipulate their own bodies and control their time in a war game in which there is only one victor. We hope you enjoy and hear what we have created. There are plans to release more content as well. Please feel free to leave any feedback and praise on our Steam page. Many thanks again. HUGE PRICE REDUCTION! 10% Off Sale Price (Discount % shown in steam messages) ELECTRONIC ART OF WAR YOUNG STAPLETON’S STORY BATTLE OF THE BULK Lonely in the Dark IMAGINE THAT: BAD JESUS EYEHEXES: HARDCORE – ONLINE DEV TOOM MUSIC, SOUND EFFECTS, SOUND TRACKS AND BOOSTERS Soundtrack for Abermore: Soundtrack for Abermore: Soundtrack for Abermore: Soundtrack for Abermore: Soundtrack for Abermore: Soundtrack for Abermore: Soundtrack for Abermore: Soundtrack for Abermore: Soundtrack for Abermore


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    Abermore – Original Soundtrack also called Mountains Of Soundtrack, was an album produced and compiled by the Irish singer-songwriter Brian Stewart in 1984 for the Blackbox Productions movie Abermore. Originally released only in Ireland, it was never released outside Ireland. Chart positions Category:Irish film soundtracks Category:Irish musical albums Category:1984 soundtracks Category:1985 soundtracks Category:1980s albums Category:1984 soundtracks Category:Reality films Category:Reality television series Category:Reality show theme songsQ: Safari iOS 6 and passing to Objective-C Class SOLVED : The problem was related with the ‘encoding’ of the URL – it’s was local not if the settings of the iPhone. For those who will have the same problem (in the comments), you must do this: NSURL *url = [[NSURL alloc] initWithString:@””]; NSMutableURLRequest *request = [NSMutableURLRequest requestWithURL:url]; and set the ‘accept’ parameter to ‘text/html’. I’ve developed a iOS application that it’s made in Objective-C and I need use a new framework (so I can’t use a static method) that it’s made in Objective-C. But the problem arises when I need to pass some parameters to the new class, I obtain this: it’s a connection problem between my iOS and the class I make. SOLVED: The problem is passing to the database. You must set in the header of the class the “Content-Type” as required by the new framework. If it’s required that is “text/html”, use this: @interface classNew : CXFRequest {} -(void)doRequestWithUrl:(NSString *)urlName; @end And the implementation: #import “classNew.h” #import “CXFRequest.h” @implementation classNew -(void)doRequestWithUrl:(NSString *)urlName{ NSMutableURLRequest *request = [NSMutableURLRequest requestWithURL:[NSURL URLWithString:urlName] cachePolicy:NSURLRequestRel


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    Supported Monitor: 1. Display resolution: 1920×1080 2. Resolution of DS: 720p/1080i/1080p 3. Resolution of SD: 480p/576p/720p/1080i/1080p 4. Display mode: 16:9 5. Minimum brightness: 250 cd/m2 6. Game Mode: Normal 7. 3D Mode: Off 8. DS D-Sub Interface: Off 9. Other: Turn on Fast Mode Supported TV:



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