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the first option you choose is the clean package. this will return a local graph containing only the modules needed to locate available nodes, which will be useful for those who wish to quickly compare the graph before beginning to analyze it. this graph has been cleaned of dependencies not needed to perform the analysis. those dependencies are included in a list at the end of this page.

the second option you choose is the clean package. this option will return a graph containing all modules needed to compute the graph’s data. only modules needed to perform the computation will be contained in this graph, and no other dependencies. this option is ideal for those who wish to use the library but don’t need all the modules in the graph. it will return the maximum graph size possible given the available dependencies.

the clean package provides two functions: cleangraph and cleangraphdefault. please not that only the first one has been included in the package; users can determine which of the two they need by using the function archygroundwater.cleangraph . this function will choose one of the two options depending on the size of the graph.

create a trace on the ground water (hydrostratigraphy) at a specified depth and location that will match the products in the groundwatertoolscans product. selection of groundwatergeometry will determine the format of the ground water tracing.

the archydrogroundwatertoolscrack tool creates an accompanying ground water tracing product. the user-supplied data for the product is found in a specified input file. a matching product within the input trace and product library file must first be created. please see the groundwatertoolscans tutorial for an explanation of product creation and use.

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