Beckhoff Key V2 4

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Beckhoff Key V2 4

the modular atro system also allows for the efficient manufacture of various individual components:

  • cutting for different lengths of the link rods
  • cutting for different lengths of the motor modules
  • cutting for the guide rails and movers
  • cutting for the gantry parts
  • cutting for the brackets
  • milling for the motor mount
  • drilling and counterboring

using this modular technology, beckhoff meets a wide range of different needs and can manufacture the optimum configuration for each individual application. what’s more, all options can be flexibly adjusted as required, based on market-specific requirements and demands in terms of aesthetics and ergonomics.

on the basis of the wide range of applications, a customer can customize the solution to his particular requirements, as well as to the particular factory. furthermore, the large number of components can also be used to save costs, even in a low-volume production scenario.

on the basis of the possibilities of the individual components, a customer can create customized and efficient workflows for manufacturing. the modular system also provides the opportunity to carry out the necessary electrical installation and development on site, as required. this is an ideal solution for customers seeking to minimize costs and improve throughput.

the modular atro system uses a modular design approach that can be scaled up as required. this can be achieved by connecting the atro units to one another and increasing the system. it can also be helpful to use the system for various robots and in different sizes, such as small, medium and large, for example.



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