Best Site for download Advanced PDF To TEXT Converter Free Download (Updated 2022)

Epaso is a new site that lets you search by operating system and software version. Once you’ve found what you want, you can instantly download the software. The site doesn’t charge a cent to download software; rather, it’s supported by referral fees. Plus, if you refer a friend to the site, you get paid $10.

FancyDownload’s homepage is dedicated to ripping off software. There you can find a list of the most downloaded items, the most popular items, as well as the items with the highest rating. All the items are listed with ease and you can even upvote or downvote the items. There is a search function which is very convenient.

Muphry’s Revenge is the one of the crack sites you shouldn’t miss. It is run by a 22 year old college student. The site is simple, and it’s a plus to see the cool file names of the software packages. Most of the sites are written in Chinese, but Muphry’s Revenge is available in multiple languages.

4Shared is a torrenting website just like all other torrenting sites. It has a search function, but it is limited to hard-to-find apps. There is no way to sort apps by popularity. The site also lacks a mobile app and is not as convenient as some other sites.

Click Downloader Pro Free might be the only site that lets you save the apps you download from its website straight to your smartphone or tablet. This site lets you search Chrome, Firefox, and Opera apps and get them as 7Zip files which is fairly easy to open.

MacCrack is a leading download site for Mac programs. Unlike most other sites, it is not only for Mac apps but apps from all operating systems. You can search by operating system or name of the app.



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