Best Site for download ArcESB (formerly RSSBus Connect) [Mac/Win]

The most popular torrent site of all torrent sites is probably, The Pirate Bay. With an amazing collection of apps, games and websites, this is the ultimate destination for torrents. Apart from movies, you can get all types of software, games, mods and everything else without spending a penny.

Moviez is a big torrent site for download movies, TV shows, etc. The site is pretty large as compared to other torrent sites, which helps you to search for a particular movie, track a specific file, and download it without registering. Moreover, you can find cracked software here and if you want, you can even gift it to your friends. Moviez is perfect for those who live in Nigeria and want to download movies for free.

TorrentBTC is a great website for finding a cracked software, book or anything else you want to download. However, the limitation is that the files can’t be shared by multiple users. TorrentBTC offers multiple search features such as popular and trending. It also allows users to browse what other users have shared. TorrentBTC is the best website to search for cracked software.

The link tool is one of the great features provided by The Pirate Bay, which allows you to search for the link of any file, software or website. This is one of the the fastest websites to download a cracked software, but it should be noted that it is not very safe, as it doesn’t encrypt the link to your desired file.

Betrayed is a torrent website which the main focus is cracking, but they have some other categories like torrents, books, cracked games, files, pictures, music etc. Aside from all these categories, they have a very cool feature where you can search for any file you want. Betrayed is a little bit different from other sites in that they use their own search function to find files and not rely on search engines. Using their own search makes it easier to find cracked games, cracked files and cracked movies. Betrayed allows you to rate the files you find. So, whether the file is cracked or not, you can still rate it.



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