Best Site for download Custom Desktop Logo [32|64bit]

First off, i love you all and thanks for all the great advice in the other posts… im kinda a newbie and was wondering if you would please point me in the right direction. I dont have any of the issues that folks have mentioned but my problems is the fact that i cant seem to download software from any of the sites mentioned. I tried several times today and i still got an error that says download was made in error. I have no idea what to do next. I have a macbook pro 2008 and im running 10.6.8. Could it be my mac that’s prohibiting me to download from these sites?. If anyone can please help me i would greatly appreciate it.

Best websites to Download Cracked Software – IMO, the best list for downloading cracked software is this one from Softpedia. It has a big list of games and programs for you to download, it also gives you a complete explanation on the use of cracks and warns you a ton of useful information.

I wonder why no one has mentioned iNetAutoCracker… I have not used it myself but it is supposed to be able to download almost anything you want… not bad either.I need the latest version of Vista Ultimate SP1 because of the multiple login issue. Here is the link if anyone is interested. Is there any other website that can provide a list of cracked software? Since this site is giving me so many problems, I’ll go to SoftWeb.

is there a site for downloading cracked apps/games for my iphone 4S. i havent used any site for this. software from itunes is a waste of money imo. i just wish i could get cracked apps on my phone. i dont have a laptop to download it on. Ive been searching for a good site of games for my phone from the apps i download on my laptop but ive come across nothing. i was wondering if anyone knew if there was a site out there that was known to have games for my phone.



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