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Games are the best source of entertainment in the World and we at GormatGaming make it easy to find and download the best cracked games of 2015 and 2016. Here we have different categories in which games are listed. Browse and download the games of your choice.

Having the power to download content legally from websites has made the internet the best place to get any software you want. Whether you want to download cracked games for the PC or are having trouble downloading your favorite movies, music, TV series, etc. from various torrent websites, there are multiple legal websites that allow you to do so.

Acracker— A great resource of software which includes video games, free software, and other software in a convenient and easy-to-use online forum. However, the resources there are limited when compared with other websites.

What are the best websites to download cracked software? They are the sites where you can download cracked softwares. They provide you information about free games that can be downloaded from their site, which you can then crack and install on your pc.

Firstly download your cracked game from the cracked game website and extract the crack (This can be done by downloading a ‘.crn’ file to your desktop). Then add ‘YOUR_GAME_NAME’ to the ‘Config’ folder (either in C:\Program Files or C:\Program Files (x86)) (create the folder if you do not have one). If your game is for a mac, then you have to download an ‘.app’ file from the cracked game website to your ‘Downloads’ folder and crack it, in the same way you cracked the game for your PC.



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