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Crunchyroll is an anime and games download website that is awesome. You can download and watch anime episodes and episodes of games online on the website. Crunchyroll has around 70,000 anime episodes and over 100,000 eps from Crunchyroll and Funimation in the archive. They also offer a lot of other anime series including Hokuto no Ken and One Piece.

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IDM is one of the most popular download managers you can find today. It is just like using the torrent system with one more option which is to download web content. This is a free download manager that allows you to download tons of content easily and faster from the internet, but keep in mind it does have a few drawbacks, the main issue being it doesn’t support all browsers. es un sitio web muy completo de software gratuito en el que puedes descargar una gran variedad de programas para Windows, Linux y Mac. Se puede usar una aplicación para Windows o Mac para descargarlo. está lleno de software para Windows y Mac con crack, serial, trojita y etc.

Rarities is an online software store of free and cracked software. For now, the website is focused on Windows Software but it has a nice and clean interface, and is not as cluttered as other software download websites.

Basecamp es un servicio de software gratuito y masivos que da soporte a la “empresas del siglo 21” en el que podras hacer la guia de tu oficina o de un proyecto. Basecamp esta dirigido con esencia a startups, pero es una comunidad de emprendedores general.



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