Best Site for download Puran Registry Cleaner [Win/Mac]

Thank you guys for the feedback, advice and support. Ill keep it up.As it stands now I will try using the XML based torrents from file download. Ive been trying no luck so far, but have a couple that I think will work. Ill keep you posted.Thanks again for the suggestions and support

This one is a little unique as it allows me to upload multiple files with file attachments. I add each file to the end of the post, after an “additional notes” section. Ive been using it for like the last 5 months, but am not sure if its the best yet. I mean it is rather new and could have issues with lots of files, etc. Also, it takes around 20 seconds to download the entire package.

Its one of the best sites out there. Still being very anonymous and easy to use. Actually, its one of the easiest sites out there. Pretty easy to use and keep track of uploads. Sadly, it doesnt let you save a post until its finished. It also lacks support for EU tariffs. Us kiwis wont see a difference though. Very easy and reliable. Amazing speeds. Love it. The only downside is its difficult to keep track of uploads, but then again how much content do you plan on sharing anyway? Hehe. Low support and constantly having to remember to pay for a newly posted torrent. Sad. But worth the peace of mind of knowing that all your torrents are private and safe.

KickassTorrents (KAT), also known as, is a torrent site that acts as a hub where users can upload torrents of movies, games, applications, and other free content to share with friends and users. It is no doubt the best torrent site in terms of the quantity and quality of the torrents available on it.



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